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11-year-old laptop wrapped with malware is sold for $ 1.3 million

darknet 11-year-old laptop wrapped with malware is sold for $ 1.3 million
Darknet 11-year-old laptop wrapped with malware is sold for $ 1.3 million

July 18, 2019

The laptop, the worst example of a PC installation, sold for $ 1.3 million ($ 1.03 million) at an online auction.

Unusual speed [
Guo O Dong has been part of Samsung’s 10.2-inch Netbook since 2008
It is believed that there are six different layers.
They destroyed a $ 95 million computer system.
The world.

There is ILOVEYOU on the computer [Virus Philippines
In 2000, he continued the construction of the museum with a Hong Kong-based computer system.
ILOVEYOU started following love using staff.

MyDoom [also called Russian worm
The virus spread rapidly in North America in 2004. It was one of the 12 books at its peak.

SoBig is also available on computers [
It is a Trojan worm that spreads via email as a spam virus
Software and hardware may be damaged. It affects millions of people.
In 2003, Microsoft joined the Internet, computers, and Windows
At that time, I received $ 250,000 for information about insects.
The Creator. The author has not been identified.

The DarkTecelia virus, which has been operating since 2013 and is used to attack online banking customers in Mexico.
BlackEnergy [used to deliver malware
It will be implemented in 2015. In Ukraine and most importantly – WannaCry
[Interfering with the NHS and others
In 2017, public and private organizations around the world

The product was then sold to an unknown buyer for $ 1.3 million and shipped from a photo in New York. I’ll talk to you soon
Before selling it, Goo explained that it wanted to know how to identify it as a potential threat.

This software looks annoying because it’s almost completely wrong
The name is funny, scary, but I think it emphasizes the web and IRL
She said there was nowhere else to go. Lovers of things become real
Opportunity to send the monitor and disconnect from the Internet.

Guy trained as a master painter, but focused on his craft
12 years ago with technology. Other projects are also involved
The hipster puts him on a leash that leads to Segovia Brooklyn.
In the lead role of Hipster, you defeated him, Belt. He was too
Twitter points to China’s main problem, but tweets
Change your name and location by default.

This change is almost instant online
Don’t be lazy, have fun and practice and press,
Being alone and being online is changing all the time.
Guo says even if I had access to my computer, I would still be online.
I or I are controlled by companies that are put through various systems

According to Guo, all computer ports are closed to prevent the spread of malware.


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