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41 forged and 1 for 15 suspects 1 for counterfeit meter inspection and fined for phone fraud scheme

darknet 41 forged and 1 for 15 suspects 1 for counterfeit meter inspection and fined for phone fraud scheme
Darknet 41 forged and 1 for 15 suspects 1 for counterfeit meter inspection and fined for phone fraud scheme

Four Greeks are among the 15 suspected victims of the $ 18 million fraud.

They are Oladayo Oladokun, Farukikiiki, Baldwin Osuji and Henry Ogbuokiri. The other 11 suspects include Joshua Hick and Anthony.
Lee Nelson, Derrick Banks, Ibrahima Duukure, Jamar Skeet, Paul Yau Osey Jr., Cowan Poole, Darrell Williams, Daryl Bartley and
Grenada Stephen Murray-Sessey, brothers Stephen Garnett Murray-Sessey and Andrew Hane.
According to a statement from the Justice Department, the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Southern District. USA He committed
A court was acquitted on Tuesday against 15 accused accused of fraud and money laundering.

Investigators say four suspects were arrested Tuesday in Maryland, DC and East.
It is affiliated with the federal courts of the county of Virginia and these counties.

He said one of the opposition parties was under state supervision and then the remaining 10 were arrested.

The $ 18 million guidance was announced as part of the first three. When describing how lies can arise,
Program members have opened more than 60 of their own bank account information, the statement said.
Information, including the victim’s name and theft, and safety numbers.

The control plan takes the next step, which is to save money on banks.
He was the victim of the lie.

In the third part of the theory, members of the tactic are involved in distancing and giving benefits to others.
In the removal of the bank account or money.

That being said, people in the conspiracy often lie about victims in one or two ways. In some cases
He is charged with theft or theft of a search warrant. for example. Participants received three checks
The National Football League, which is being shipped to New York State, New York, stole the papers on duty.
Open it on the user’s name. That is, members of the plot have released victims
Electronic transfer: For example, the responsibility lies with the members of the media, who identify themselves as the victim’s
financial advisor.
The investment is managed by a bank representative, funded by a subsidiary of New York Bank.

So far, lawmakers have identified more than 100 missteps to improve the program.
It costs about 18 million.

Target Boys, 46, Goat, 33, Asoji, 31, Ogby, 32, Hex, 24, Nelson, 28, Banks, 27, Decor, 61, Scott, 36,
Ozzy, 32, Polly, 29, Williams, 62, Bartley, 58, Mary Sisi, 35, and 49, both charged with financial fraud.
Because of the wire fraud, the prison is 30 years old.

The seven are accused of identity theft by Ogbakery, Hux, Banks, Paul, Williams, Bartley and Mary Sears.
Theft, two years later.

Lawyer a. On the appeal, Jeffrey S. Berman said, Prosecutors have sued for millions of dollars in theft.
Identity theft, unlock fake bank records and access to identity theft or victims on mobile phones
That number is that through general accounting, people and businesses generally had an impact of $ 18 million.
Thanks to the involvement of our law enforcement partners, the game is over.

NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea said: This lawsuit shows that if criminals admit online fraud,
law enforcement continues. I want to thank the members of the NYPD Financial Crime Task Force who are active in our organization
Partnerships with U.S. Attorney General prosecutors for your success today are important

Philip R. Bartlett, USPIS intelligence officer, said: This case is a good example of cooperation between the authorities and
Unity People who choose to break the law will be prosecuted in court for their crimes.

USS Special Representative Patrick Freaney said: The success of this study shows promise
The US Secret Service is working with colleagues in our legislature to tackle cyber threats online.
failed. The secret continues to bomb people who threaten security
people, businesses, and infrastructure in the United States.

HSI special agent Peter C. Fitzhugh said: According to the crime report, 15 suspects are employed at the center.
bank fraud and fraud in which $ 18 million was stolen. HSI New York will continue to cooperate in the investigation
criminals who attack the citizens of our country. Through our partnership with the police, including the NYPD, USPIS and USSS
The US Attorney’s Office in southern New York County, HSI will work hard to maintain our faith
financial system.

Bremen NYPD and USSS Financial Crimes Division, USPIS Mail Theft,
Dark HSI Group and CryptoQueen Group.

He also thanked the Soviet Union Office for the Advancement of Persons with Disabilities in Washington.

Deputy Attorney General Alexander Lee will oversee the case
Department of General Crimes.


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darknet Dutch businessman Fannett has been sentenced to years in prison for drug trafficking and money laundering.

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