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A British man has been sentenced to more than 11 years in prison for importing 100,000 euros from the Netherlands using a black net.

Coventry drug traffickers, who import 100,000 cocaine and MDMA to Coventry Airport, are not to blame.
11 years

Roe Regins, 31, from Leamington, bought Dutch drugs through the Dark Network, which he installed and transferred.
All over the UK

After two years of investigation, Warwicker’s police charged him with seven drug deals.

Warwick King Court, Warwick Justice Center and Leamington Baths heard that an investigation had been opened.
Operation Celsius began in January 2018, when Coventry Airport authorities confiscated tobacco and MDMA used 100,000 people.
The regions received a working address through a postal company, police said.

A Versace police spokesman added: “Later, employees learned that Richin had produced many drugs.”
They are responsible for foreign aggressions.

Richin’s court directs operations on dark networks and sends large sums of money to cryptocurrency traders
From bitcoins. He used bitcoin to buy from institutions in the Netherlands.

Studies show that he sold several thousand dollars from his bank account,
And who has been involved in serious crimes since 2012.

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Richin was sentenced to 11.5 years in prison for two reasons
Go to the drug group (MDMA and cocaine), help eight years to get MDMA, 8 years 8
For six years imprisonment for tobacco production for MDMA approval.

He was sentenced to two years in prison for hiding criminal property.

Intent on using sentences together.

You have to build a car
Inspector Richard Brown said, “We need to send a clear message to all who see this as a hidden result.”
Pure black shadow

We will use all available means to investigate this crime and prevent the use of serious criminal technology.
Organized crime

We will continue to work for drug dealers in Warwickshire where people want to attack.

The authorities are working together to hold the rich accountable for their criminal activities in accordance with the Criminal
Code (POCA). people
The case was resolved by September.


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