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A California man gave perfume to online donors

darknet A California man gave perfume to online donors
Darknet A California man gave perfume to online donors

Updated July 18, 2019

Californian man sentenced to more than 60 months in prison in criminal cases
At Siachal to produce artificial cannabinoids and release hundreds
Cannabinoids are Prescribed to Consumers in the United States

I’m the Attorney General of the United States, Mr. Kgargor W. Scott told the State of Eastern California
Hatam Eid Habash, 55, is one of the leaders in America’s largest medical cannabinoid system.
He helped with a drug-related practice at the Bakersfield Man Magic store in California. YOU
In 2015, the Organized Crime Working Group (OCDETF) launched more than 150 suppliers.
People involved in drug trafficking. Before the Eastern District Court
In Fresno, a California judge sentenced Habasha to 63 months in prison. The judge also ordered bail.

And in 2015, the United States Drug Enforcement Administration implemented the Synergy III project with the aim of stopping
Distributes artificial cannabinoids in the United States. Drug traffickers earlier described marijuana as marijuana
If the research articles are not about contraband, drug research is influenced by a chemical agency or a CR.
Violates all drug laws in the United States. The Federal Trade Law is the only law that regulates artificial cannabinoids
Other research documents reflect drugs I and II. And they are beneficiaries of the federal trade law
By selling chemicals and consumers instead of foreign food directly to customers. Marketing theory III
Drug-related agencies have discovered that many drugs contain cannabis resistant to cannabis after their introduction.
The users, but not the scientific community.

Many cannabinoid medications have been known to release the drug by attacking and buying Dukananadode and its facilities.
Combine cannabinoids mixed with the same suppliers. In this case, Habash is a leading provider of search engine products.
You must share. Following the indictment filed on October 8, 2015, Habash specifically filed the association
Chinese laboratories that can produce large quantities of chemicals are used in combinations. Habash, most of the work below
On behalf of Eddie, he carried hundreds of pounds of synthetic cannabinoids. Habash contains a number of cannabinoid drugs
Chemistry for legal analysis. The rest is already included in list I of the list of control elements. He eventually helped the
All of the products listed by Habash are listed in Table I. Despite the new DEA remedies, Habash has continued to grow.

On April 14, 2015, California authorities came to power
More than 90 kilograms of cannabinoids in various compounds. Due to the size of the
In fact, the law enforcement agency has joined the local DEA
Habash research and its organization. The DEA is available for assistance
From the criminal investigation department,
Internal research, research office,
I AM. Post Office, California Road
Patrol, the Kern County Liberalization Office and the California Department
A car was soon found in the station store where the car was found under investigation
Bakersfield, California, is the base of Habash’s operations
Drug Stores They served their stores, department stores for men
As a legitimate business partner. With a variety of
Websites, including websites related to your Habash store
There are different organized compounds that contain different synthetic cannabinoids
These are plants and are often called spices. Blue blue
His first Jumlole and World Incense store.

The aromatic compound is a compound of cannabinoids and a type of smoker
Plants like Damania. Habash was relaxed in the workshop
Chemicals in different liquids and liquids
Organic plants. The return solution disappears, only the path is checked
Synthetic cannabinoids in moderate and specific doses. According to him
The DEA uses Habash XLR11, AB-Chminaca and AB-Pinaca
It creates a mixture of flavors. He sold famous articles
Bizarro and the creative director have Alta.

When federal police attacked Habash House, more than 1,000 firearms were seized.
Habash and former Ramsey MP Jeris Farage are seeking $ 4.2 million.
Producers. Farage recently found the financial side of the operation not guilty. Case against other defendants
Still waiting.


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