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A Florida man has been arrested for downloading child pornography

Sticky male spies view porn with fake accounts after contacting women on Facebook
The video and 450 children on his phones were mentioned in sworn statements by some children and officers.

Matthew Charles Grogl, 24, was arrested on July 7 in Block 1300 on Route 13.
Felonichild vetaveta.

Grogels returned home after receiving a complaint from a Kansas police officer on July 1 for criticism from the Indiana County
Sheriff’s Office.
Keep the affidavit.

Shoguni complained to police that Grogel was not involved in online activities.
13 years.

On July 1, Grohl asked for Kathleen Green’s bill and commented on her interview.
The report states that women were abused.

Gruugu says she will not block the girl’s bank account and will not be able to access it.

He told her that he mainly uses his Facebook account to talk to teenagers.

According to the report, when the investigators spoke on the phone, Grul said that he managed to get into trouble.
Do not rush to take photos and copy and paste as many photos and videos as possible into your phone.

The investigator was allowed to search the phone and was told to shoot 25 illegal videos

According to researchers, the video is eight years old. Another photo shows children with low weight

Officials expect additional fees, he said.

Grog told investigators that his actions were illegal and he had been against pornography all his life.

Gregol was released on 300,000 bail and, according to court records, was released on August 7th.


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