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A French man has been sentenced to 100 days in prison for possession of cannabis through false documents and Darknet

You purchased a fake note from Darknet

Devil Mary-Janley was the first master of human trafficking as well as business magazines.
The right way to choose a job. He was asked yesterday by a German court judge in Saint Pierre (outside).

Included in the package for 50 to 50 euros, was found during the St Denis Exchange inspection.
January 2019, which is the beginning of the proceedings.

The return and delivery of the packaging was inspected, which prompted investigators to intervene in Timmons’ home.
June 14

Mari-Janna admits that she has an idea to make money by buying herself.

Darknet found 150 euros and 50 grams of marijuana in counterfeit notes.

Yesterday, a criminal court in St. Pierre sentenced him to 100 days in prison and a fine of 6 euros for this road trip.
Its criminal judges are not yet vacant, but they are not coming out now.

In the final agreement the defendant made a hexagon and was punished in his absence.


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