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A Kentucky man is accused of possessing and distributing child pornography

Mobile detectors containing child pornography
East Bernstein was arrested Thursday morning.

A statement from the Washington County Sheriff’s Office said the stranger posted sexually explicit photos of the boy.

Investigators then contacted James M.’s government by phone. Traveled to Bergom and US residence. 25, two miles north-west of

Bargo recommends using the phone and downloading videos and photos of sexually abused children through black websites.

Baby pictures and movies in less than six months

Bargo has filed 40 counts / charges of child sexual abuse, 40 convictions for publicizing child abuse

Bargo has 10,000 connections.

This is true
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Kyle Gray, research assistant is Major Chuck.
Johnson, Sergeant Brett Reeves, Mgr. Test by Robert Triad and Brian
The law of the sun.


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