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A Levisville man was sentenced to more than 4 years in prison for using Darknet to obtain credit card information for hotel room payments.

darknet A Levisville man was sentenced to more than 4 years in prison for using Darknet to obtain credit card information for hotel room payments.
Darknet A Levisville man was sentenced to more than 4 years in prison for using Darknet to obtain credit card information for hotel room payments.

May 27, 2019

Erin Nellie Cox, a North American lawyer from Louisville, Texas, in April.
Sixteen people were sentenced to 58 months in prison for access to equipment.

According to Odyssey, Edwards and his friends received a stolen credit card receipt from the Green Network.
They pay for hotels in Dallas. They then offered interested people a room for half the price.

Police launched an investigation into Edward in August 2018 after he moved out of the Colville Hotel.
The Colville Police Department filed a complaint against Edwards. Book a hotel for Edward
On the evening of August 22, the owners of the room purchased a variety of dishes called Edward. Front
One hotel staff occupying the room noticed the lounge
To the hotel. Investigators found two agents in the room with a secret and an unknown credit number.
Different portable and credit card numbers. Agencies also found listings with URLs
Credit card issuing websites

On August 0, Edward Club named two rooms at the Hotel Trophy Club
Before making two more reservations at the Fort Worth Hotel on August 1st.
Researchers are following Edwards’ work
Insurance and assault with one of Edward’s classmates.
The investigator found and saved the credit card number.
The board used duplicate driver’s licenses and pills
Credit cards and purchases. Edward was arrested and released
Police arrested him after the investigation.

Edward continues to cheat on bail. On October 11, they formed a secret relationship
The service representative demands a stolen logic machine. Investigators followed Edwards’ phone conversation with Carolton at the
hotel. This is it
Investigators came and found Edward’s room. Agents seized more than 700 receipts from the room
Selection speed. Edward then gave the agent five credit cards and a record more than 40,000 credit cards.
Hidden in the living room table. Investigators arrested Edward for questioning.

A journalist announced in court questioned Edward.
He began paying for hotel rooms in March 2017 using stolen credit cards. Edward sat in court
It was a partner and had more than 1,200 credit card information from supermarkets and bookstores. Edwards and partner
I closed my room with a credit card and spent more than $ 2,000.

After Edwards’ decision was announced, U.S. Attorney Cox said the author was familiar with the Dark Web.
Law enforcement has decided to oppose Darknet’s illegal actions. Appreciated many secrets
Service agents and police officers are involved in the investigation. Thanks to the hotel staff for providing information about

Special representative William Nuwanan said in a statement
He is in charge of the Dallas Secret Service, according to the investigation
Edward confirmed that this would always be a secret service
You are willing to collaborate with other LED agencies. He also shared a secret
The service is dedicated to crime prevention


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