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A man from Georgia sees his career as a driving force for the Million Fentanly Ment

A man in Georgia has been convicted of drug abuse
Trade conspiracy, which is the final statement of the crime before the defendants.

Loganville, Guy Walker Christian Forrester returns to the United States in August. He pleaded guilty in court
Controlled cells are divided and distributed (carpenternil, alprazole, and marijuana), Bobby et al.
Christine is an American lawyer who lives in the South Georgia area.

Fees are punishable by life imprisonment and cannot be removed from the federal system.

The drug conspiracy distributes a large number of illicit drugs, including synthetic opioids.
An American lawyer named Christine saw it on the streets of Georgia and on the black internet. Our federal, state and local laws
Law enforcement has done a good job of investigating and prosecuting.
Federal prisons await important sentences.

Other defendants:

* Colby Hadan Waters, 23, admits his claim is spreading.
Distributes firearms-controlled substances to support drug trafficking.
* Jonathan Brett Leicester, 23, of Loganville, Wales. Those who admit that they have hidden their intention to obtain it intend to
share it
Releases controlled substances (carfentanil, alprazolam and marijuana).
* Arman Sananda Saeedi, 28, of Atlanta, Galanta, has admitted to leaving.
Controlled substances (alprazolam); I
* Morgan McKenzie is a 23-year-old from Houston, Georgia, Georgia.
Releases a controlled substance (Alprazolam).

According to court documents, the defendants were involved in drug imports in 2016.
Most encrypted drugs are purchased from vague web servers that use industrial tablets
The fight against drug trafficking in the Dark Network and in Georgia. As a result of this process, 200,000 pills are produced
each month.
Revenue up to $ 18,000 per month.

The United States first reported the effects of Forrester in September 2017, after acquiring it
Press the p button for industrial quality. Two months later, Forrester Waters and young people in Harlem were J.A. He was arrested
on government charges in the state.
In November 2017, police in Harlem seized more than 5,200 counterfeit Xanax, marijuana and narcotics pills after stopping on the
He saw a gun in the car.

In addition to drug offenses, he was charged with murder in Walton County.
The death of 25-year-old Chase David was devastating. The body was found buried behind Litter’s Loganville.
April 2018 at home. Conspiracy theorist Loeffler was beaten, beaten and buried.

All three parties were convicted.


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