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A Minnesota man commits the common sin of buying drugs in a dirty trap and fighting in the streets.

A lawsuit has been filed in Mauer County against drug, gun and carbon monoxide charges.

Abraham Dario Cervantes-Pas, a 21-year-old Austrian defense attorney, admitted to imposing a fifth-degree fine. A decision is
Until March 5, 2020.

Cervantes-Pasca Oct. 22, following a search by Willis Wallshlagers 21 in Austin. According to police, he was found
295.50 grams of marijuana, 9.5 tablets of alrazolam, cash $ 1,947, three rifles, two rifles, about 500 rifles
Ammonium contains 3.95 grams of MDMA (Molly) and 55 capsules, all from Wollschlager.

Wolshlager said he uses the drug to buy online and sell MDMA and alprazolam. Legal documents
A limited number of devices have been partially removed.

Police say they found a red bag containing a Volkswagen Cervantes-Passage and 370.50 grams of cannabis.
Alprazolam tablets are $ 794.

Wolslaiger claims that fourth-degree trafficking in human beings is to blame for possessing fifth-class drugs for these four
If you have a firearm as a drug user, a modified serial rifle is number two.

The trial is set to begin on March 30, 2020.


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