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A Minnesota man is guilty of buying and selling drugs on a dirty network

In the vicinity of maggots, including drugs, weapons and dark nets, a dangerous spread took place.

Austin-born Abraham Dario Cervantes-Paz, 21, has been charged with one of five counts. His faith is accepted.
5 March 2020

Cervantes-Paz resigned after visiting the home of Levi Willis Wollschlager on October 22nd. Police announced their release in
Austin on October 22.
295.50 grams of cannabis, 9.5 of the lower sololamide, $ 947, three pumpkins, two pots, two rounds of powder
Club MDMA (Molly) 3.95 grams and MDMA 55 cups, all in Wollschlager.

According to the owner, Wollschlager agreed to buy drugs and sell MDMA and alprazolam on a dark website, court documents read.
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Police said they found a red bag, identified Walshlager as a Cervantes-Paz and seized 370.50 grams of marijuana.
Alprazolam 78 tablets and $ 784 in cash.

Walshlager pleaded guilty to four counts of drug trafficking, three counts of drug use and 5 counts of possession
Different sides of the numbers, both sides know that these pants use drugs.

His trial is expected to begin on March 30, 2020.


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