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A salesman at Imperial Square was arrested by German BKA with six accomplices

In May 2020, the National Crime Agency (NCA) arrested three people.
Darknet and Clearweb developed a similar combination of the Hereford mission.
Gather evidence from a variety of sources, including Beilfeld tablets and Bitcoin.
About 2,000,000 donkeys

Attorney General of the National Police Department from January 2020
The Frankfurt office is being investigated at the Internet Crime Stoppers Center by the Combi Group of Companies.
The indictment was filed in May 2020 by the Belfield District Attorney’s Office. This group has a breakdown.
Since 2017, they have been selling drugs containing heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, amphetamines, steroids and marijuana.

Collective sales are managed through Darknet platforms such as Empire, Bitcoin, Apollo, VHM and Dark Market.
Anonymous Online Store ( Online (ClearWeb)
Often Dutch medicines are given. Trade and logistics are based in Hereford.

The drug is available to consumers around the world, especially in Germany and Europe. Many drugs go to the United States
Canada and Australia

Three Germans, aged 27, 29 and 30, were arrested before the Hurdford trial.
These people are informed about the content of the school.

Its a landscape.

Martina Pivand, Deputy Chief of the Federal Police Crime Service:

> This program is a new experiment instead of the Internet. However, the name and insert are important here
Scientists know patience, sometimes seriously,
Professional and technical consultants are often criticized for their technical details. When he decided to follow him
Last year were the directors of Darknet Wall Street Market and last year the store’s Revolutionary Revolution
We show that it is important for us that our customers make optimal use of these websites.

No further details have been provided regarding the ongoing investigation.


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