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A seller of “medicine” products for women was sentenced to 160 months in prison

darknet A seller of "medicine" products for women was sentenced to 160 months in prison
Darknet A seller of "medicine" products for women was sentenced to 160 months in prison

Southern District Court of the United States
Today, Illinois announced Melissa Scanlan (A / K / “Narcolama”).
He was sentenced to 160 months in prison for human trafficking
The United States is the “dark web” fentanyl
Global Money Laundering of Conspiracy and Fantastic Distribution
It caused death.

Convicted of scanner offenses
These are: Fentanyl, some plots to distribute over the years
Fentanyl delivery number, sale of counterfeit drugs,
Some parts of the drug business, some conspiracies
International Monetary Fund and Distribution Accounts
San Diego-born San Diego has filed a death sentence
He was convicted in October 2019.
Brendan Arias, 34, was previously sentenced to nine years in prison
Imprisoned for his role in history.

The truth is obvious
The court found that Scallon and Aries created an account in the Black Web 1, “Dream
Market” market, where consumers buy and sell
This account is used to make goods and services and important sales
Drug overdose during drug-supervised surgery
The distribution period for Fantanel video games has been running since October
From 2016 to August 2018, Scanlon was on sale at the time
52,000 fentanyl tablets in the United States.

On its basis
According to court records, Sakelin and Dashi receive between 100,000 and 100,000 from their blockchain
Drugs and money laundering are evenly distributed. The registration of judges is good
Scanon is associated with international currencies
Relationships with members of the Mexican cartel and their roles
To distribute and assist fentanyl drugs to rats
Written by A.W. He was later pronounced dead.

We. Attorney Stephen D. Weinhoft condemned the Damascus violence.

Like Melissa Scanlin, they filled our popcorn neatly.
They may think they are invisible to the naked eye and behind.
Information online, but they can’t find a quarter there.
We keep track of them wherever we go. This is a different agreement
We use all the tools and methods as researchers of our desired organization
Be prepared to meet these people and leave them completely.
Law. U.S. Attorney Stephen D. Weinhoft Reforms
Experiments also show the importance of meeting
Set the Frankel rate.

Underground equipment is hidden outside traditional hunting
Web hosts and browsers create anonymous user interfaces. 4
Wrong clothes spread the internet
Markets used by Scanline and Aries.

“It simply came to our notice then.
Distribution of opioids online or through traditional medicine
How to diagnose and distribute and correct deaths
World events; They contribute to the problem
“Their illegal activities will be investigated,” he said.
Charles L. Contact Gusten, Bureau of Criminal Investigation
District Office in Kansas City. We are fully committed to this department and
Working with technology using medicine
Online for health and safety reasons. “”

“It just occurred to us then
Fentanyl is needed to provide medication
Government – law enforcement agencies use all deployments
“This is one way to use it if the Scandinavian traffickers are using it,” the DEA says.
Louis William, special representative of the Ministry of Transport. Kalhor cad.
“Scanlan has spread a deadly poison in our society
Now he has a mission. ”

In that case
It has been operating across the country for the past few months and contains food and medicine
Administration – Drug Enforcement Agency, Department of Crime Investigation
Office, US Postal Service,
Brother to U.S. Customs Protection
Department of Defense, American Bar
Law firm in California, United States
Southern Illinois Joyceman Joyceman, Associate Lawyer, United States
He is the keeper of the tree.


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