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A sister in Connecticut was jailed for lying with a credit card

A city girl from Bridgeport is in jail for 30 days in prison for credit card fraud
Officials convicted him earlier this year.

Latris i Colvin convicted Judge Janet Bond Artem von in New Haven on Thursday after H0 was sentenced to life in prison.
U.S. Attorney John is protesting a seven-month prison sentence and a two-year release.
In Durham

In 2015, residents of Portport, 33, used the internet to blackmail.
Search for information about victims

Colvin called the company with a credit card and used the victims information to change the email address on a particular
Your address Sends a fake credit card request on behalf of the victim.

When Colvin bought a purchase card from his home in Bridgeport, he used it to buy the same products online and offline.
Get cash in advance at ATMs.

Colvin said he was not charged in the July 9 indictment.

According to the report, 37 people, mostly elderly people, were killed in accordance with the plan.

Arterton ordered Colvin to pay $ 27,718.35 to fund the companies.
they are victims.

He was released with a $ 25,000 coin and sentenced to prison on February 11, 2020.


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