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A woman from Connecticut was imprisoned for having a credit card

Bridgeport, a 30-year-old woman, has been arrested in a state prison for credit card fraud
Authorities have called for help this year.

Latrice M. Colvin Sentenced Janet Bond to Arterphone on Thursday for 30 Days in New Haven Prison
Seven months and two years of release to close the house, USA. Message from Connecticut attorney John
Sa Durham.

The 33-year-old man, who lives in Bridgeport, has been using the Internet since September 2015, including black networks. Until
July 2017.
Identification of information for other victims.

Colvin contacted the credit card company and changed the email address of the various accounts using the victim’s information.
Solve independently. The victim’s name is also registered and counterfeit credit cards are taken.

After the card was delivered to the Bridgeport store, Corwin purchased the product using the card.
Cash support at ATMs.

On July 9, Corbin acknowledged the errors in the mail.

The report found that 37 were young and unemployed.

Arterton asked Colvin to pay $ 27,718.35.
He forbade it.

He was forced to pay 1,000 in taxes and went to jail in February.


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