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After the attack on the IoT device for Microsoft’s Russian hacking team

darknet After the attack on the IoT device for Microsoft's Russian hacking team
Darknet After the attack on the IoT device for Microsoft's Russian hacking team

According to the blog, the state-backed Russian device STRONTIUM has invaded the ownership of the IoT operator.
[See Microsoft Research
Dangerous contact center.

Researchers in April
They discovered a well-known enemy infrastructure that had been in contact with many people
external devices, as well as the player’s attempt to turn off the Internet of Things
devices (VOIP phone, office printer and video decoder)
a consumer website, Microsoft Security
An example of a response center was shown.
The investigation revealed that the player bought these devices
Initial download for business offers and password in both cases
in the third part, it is set without changing the custom seller password
For example, the latest security update does not work on your device.

The hacker uses the following tools: a
network access and availability. He was once an actor
Network connection, easy online authentication to see anyone else authenticate
Unsecured devices allow them to find and retrieve the searched network
high value accounts that allow access to advanced data
Microsoft states:

When it comes to internet devices
Hackers rantcpdumpto tora stink
Number of local administrative subsystems Number of administrative groups:
Choose for harder tests and install a simple ad script
starts as transmitted from a single device.

The device is also installed
External staff and manager (C2).

But Microsoft researchers succeed
Do not allow STONTIUM attacks because they are already validated.
It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving office
There is a result for this building.

Steve Durbin, executive director of information management, says there are many organizations
In a nutshell, these are used for emotional stimulation
It usually provides more opportunities for attacks due to the reliability of the structure.

Can use it
Username, password, user and IoT device
Doing business with old things will not revolutionize a bad program
Trainer Chris Moral said
The Greatest Defense on the Road. Finding an IoT device is important
No safety rules or regulations required.

This is because the tool has been designed with no structure
But instead of providing and processing low price data.
This is a breakdown of institutions, Durbin said. Keep yourself comfortable
Two, for instance, probably a home computer
They are connected to a network of workers and invite criminals to come
He noted that the injury outweighs the owner’s path.

that’s right
Invalid usernames and passwords are sent from and many IoT products
Offerings cannot be improved using legacy save profiles
Chris Morales, producer
Professional Defense Specialist at Vector. IoT devices are not required for access
There are no rules or regulations on how to stay safe.

The last danger
Jobs were deployed and published in Microsoft’s latest IT Insights report
Yes, here, in time. Massive DDOS attacks
With IoT peanuts, this is the biggest and most difficult to make
Businesses should be environmentally friendly (change things like that)
Passwords!), But it’s mainly your camera’s target.

Morales said so
There is a serious danger when IoT devices are turned off
The company network is the most important of these systems
Microsoft research reports products including the IoT network such as printers and cameras
And sophisticated tools like MRI scanners and cyber security
The danger.


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