Agartha Market is situated at the defended Dark Web marketplace webpage, which can be found and used only via anonymous Tor network, you have to list in there as well to proceed.
It is widely known, that Agartha marketplace’s design took the basics forms from the previously existing market of Agora, which is the true proof pointing at the conspicuous resemblance. Nevertheless, Agartha progressed and included a number of another marketplaces’ specific details and peculiarities.
Founders of Agartha marketplace were strongly assured about the extreme requirement of anonymity and namelessness of their prospective customers and vendors, thus marketplace’s administration is strictly banned to stockpile any of data, that could lead to vendees and vendors.
Speaking of aforementioned interface : its easy as pie, it also doesn’t include none of the convoluted and disturbing details, considering it is created following the directness and purity rules.
Moreover, it has to be mentioned, that Agartha brings in numerous regulations, inclusive of the ban of “hard stuff”, provoking continuous addiction. Furthermore, prohibited lineup goes over guns along with fraud.
Mentioning the means of payment and accepted cryptos – you are able to make transactions using BTC, Dash, Vertcoin, Lite, Bitcoin cash etc. Following next are Agartha’s hyperlinks, they’re available here as well:.

TypeDarknet Market Stats
NameEmpire Market
CreatedAround Mar/Apr 2019
Onion URLagarthaourmnyhq3.onion
Clearnet Mirrorlink
Is Online?Yes
CryptocurrenciesBTC / LTC / DASH
Trust Level96%
2 Factor AuthenticationYes
Vendor Bond0.04 BTC
Total Listings60k (as for February 2020)