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Alphabai dealer is accused of being a member of the Pharma Masters team because of his role in the drug list

Currently, others involved in large-scale manufacturing in Utah sell large-scale antimicrobials
Use it.

Christopher Sean Kenya, 44, of the United States on September 30. Appeared in the district court.
The applicant then claimed that they had sold hundreds of thousands of crude drugs and alprozolam.
The medicine you buy at the pharmacy now, Aaron Shamo.

According to the investigation, the man involved in the operation told Shamo investigators that Kenya could sell from 1,000 to
Oxygen codons with fentanyl oil are produced every two weeks and thousands are produced every month.
For the first time, but last November 2016, as many as 70,000 fentanyl tablets were produced in a single week.

The journalist said they had told Kenya and Sham to stop using drugs because one person had died in California.
It may be involved in their work, but Kenya makes them do a good job.

Aaron Shamo was convicted in August last year of removing a million-dollar opioid ring from his home in the Cottonwood Heats.

Critics say he was a leader who gave artificial medicine to thousands of people and was able to connect with him.
A 21-year-old California man, Chamo, could not decide whether he had killed himself.

Safety The idea is that Shamo sells drugs, but says he can’t do it himself
It was the evidence that led to the practice.

According to documents, more than a million dollars were found in Shamos clothing, and several people were reported involved.
He was in attendance, and Shamo said he enlisted the help of a number of friends.

According to government sources, Shamo bought ententyl online from a Chinese manufacturer, supplemented it with a fake oxytocin
pill and sold it.
There is an advertiser in the internet that is very disturbing.

At work, two friends who contacted Chom stop taking the pill and sometimes talk to those who need to go abroad.
According to prosecutors.

Another former employee called him SA.

Circulation began to slow down when customs agents seized gold from China. So tell the researchers
Linn In November 2016, he probably worked until the House attack.

Chamo is scheduled to be tried in December, and his next trial is set for next Thursday.


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