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Amawaldo Trojan invades Mexico after invading Brazil

darknet Amawaldo Trojan invades Mexico after invading Brazil
Darknet Amawaldo Trojan invades Mexico after invading Brazil

Researchers found a dangerous campaign this year.
The newly discovered banking giant Torjan is trying to spread the amulet.
For Brazil and Mexico

Emivaldo is one of the top ten malware families discovered by scientists at the ASET Laboratory in Prague during 2017-2017.
First, he did extensive research at the Latin American Bank of Trojan. The Trojan he admires
Everything except

Take a screenshot after searching for a bank window.
Set ESET to look like a new desktop and wallpaper.
The research team on the company’s blog [Therefore
Show selected incorrect popups
Enable Windows messages by disabling and deleting various keyboard shortcuts.
Affected people are talking more than pop-ups.

In January 2019, actor Amolov was found.
Especially targeting Brazilian banks and their customers, but again in April
He has expanded his activities in Mexico and is now paying attention.
In other countries

In addition to the Troy function of the bank using Delphi,
It also supports external commands using malware modules.
Camera, lock button, screenshot using webcam to download
Other applications that restrict access to legitimate banking sites
Both mouse and keyboard scripts.

Suspicious software also collects victim information.
Introduction to computer marketing and its operating system as a banking activity
Victim planning.

According to ESET, Amavaldo also works.
The cargo in the ZIP package is divided into three parts:
Legitimate applications, organizers and registry deposits
The injector itself uses the current density of the DLL to feed it
Windows Media Player or Internet Explorer.

ESET researchers are researching two different distribution headers
Dide Amavalo. The campaign against Brazil is based on abuse
However, you have the right to install the MSI Ad Dob Acrobat Reader DC installer
It uses an embedded file system that includes VBS
II VBS Downloader. Here is another VBS file running Windows.
XSL Command (WMIC)
With your built-in power, you end up getting charged

Focus on African-American traffickers appearing during the campaign
Another MSI user is installed when Windows starts
You will receive an error message when downloading the file
The victims believed they were recreating the Acrobat Reader DC. ESSET
This ad is considered to be spam dependent
Deleted as a backup file.


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