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American cities have stolen the Eternal Blue from devices stolen by the NSA

darknet American cities have stolen the Eternal Blue from devices stolen by the NSA
Darknet American cities have stolen the Eternal Blue from devices stolen by the NSA

Updated July 18, 2019

For nearly three weeks, Baltimore has been fighting cyber-attacks with thousands of people through digital pirates.
Computers, emails, deadlines, sales, real estate sales, water bills, health alerts and other services

Citizens and residents are angry that this is the primary ingredient in the malicious software used by criminals.
The attack was carried out by the National Security Agency in Baltimore. Washington Park is a bit far from taxpayers’ expenses.
Security experts say

Since that time
That was in 2017, when the NSA lost control of Everett Blow.
Get help from hackers in North Korea, Russia and the new state
China will stop raising billions of dollars worldwide.
The dollar has been a weapon in computers since last year.
He is growing up and now the NSA is out in his yard.

in here
And not just Baltimore. Security experts say the Fuel Blue attack is underway
Terrorists can be victims
American cities expanded from Pennsylvania to Texas
More money and more money.

NSA affiliate
US terrorists have never said that before
The team has either rejected their ideas or acknowledged it was missing
The electronic gun will be released online in April 2017 by anonymous sources
This is called the shadow. In the following years, the organization and the FQB disappeared
I don’t know if the movie is a tourist robber
You are at war.

Thomas Reed Jones is an Internet expert
Hawkins University has also changed its “Shadow Transformer Path Series”.
However, the largest and most violent group in history is growing
2013 is a bigger fight than Edward Snowden

The government is not responsible.
Or answer important questions. Insight
The journey has apparently failed. The American people must find the answer.

The NSA and the FBI declined to comment.

The escape was carried out by foreign intelligence services and prosecutors
A network explosion sends malware to hospitals, airports and other locations.
Railway and maritime staff, ATMs and large factories
Yes. So the device falls on a very common American
Local governments have digital services,
A small number of guarantees.

Before the trial,
Blue Internet is one of the most challenging roles in the NSA
According to three NSA staff members who talk about the cyber background
Tour experts take about a year to find the mistake
He writes Microsoft software and organizes the code. At first they were there
This is called EternBluescreen because it usually shuts down the computer
Risk of effects on motivation. But he has become a person
Reliable materials have been used for various purposes
Fight against terrorism.

In the past the Internet was very expensive
NSA officials say the service never takes the warning seriously
Microsoft has a leak
Five years before the crime, he shook hands violently.

The May 7 attacks were a classic hostage attack. The work of the city
The screen closed immediately and a short message in English was requested
$ 100,000 Bitcoin to fix the issue: we’ve seen it for days
The message was received by The Baltimore Sun. We don’t talk anymore
We know the money! Hurry up!

Baltimore remains to this day
Inactive because city officials have refused to pay, even though it was a temporary solution
Some services have been restored. No damage is done without EternalBlue
Experts say well. This tool uses vulnerabilities
Freeware to help hackers spread malicious software faster
And go further than you can.

North Korea has arrived
World to restore the tool and invoke the 2017 WannaCry name
Stuff on British strength, German and some more tracks
200,000 organizations worldwide. Russia is coming
The weapons in the attack called NotPetya are aimed at Ukraine
It is designed for large companies to expand their operations in the country. attacks
FedEx is worth more than $ 400 million, and Merck, the drug giant,
$ 670 million

The damage didn’t stop there. last year,
The same Russian hacker attacked the US presidential election
EternalBlue is used to supplement guest WiFi networks. Hackers from Iran
It is used to operate airlines and pirates in the Middle East.
According to researchers at security companies Symantec and FireEye.

It is
Fortunately, intelligence services are now using the tools
Vikram Takal of Symantec said that it is publicly available and widely used.
Security Manager.

A month ago
Merchants began supplying network equipment in 2017, the NSA knows
Lawsuits have been filed against Microsoft and other technology companies
Let us know about software bugs. But Microsoft has announced a patch
Thousands of computers around the world are at risk.

They seem to have found a sweet spot in Baltimore, Allentown, PA.
San Antonio and other U.S. government officials
Follow links with older apps. July
Ministry of Home Affairs
Malware has a huge impact on local governments
According to security researchers, they are now beginning to rely on ForeverBuy

Microsoft, which manages the use of Eternal Blue, does not affect the city or region and identifies itself. But for some
Experts were aware of the attack in Baltimore, Allentown, and San Antonio also confirmed that the suspects used Eternabro.
Security management
They said they attended the Eternally protest almost every day.

give me
Serber, head of the Cyber Security Information Unit, says his job
InternalBlue responded to flights on three flights to the United States. And they understand
Mysteries in big cities like Dallas, Los Angeles and New York
San Francisco

The value of the land is very complex. HE
February 201 Allentown operations closed over the weekend
And paying $ 420,000 a year will cost about $ 1 million.
Matthew Lebert, head of the security intelligence service,

Identify a specific area of gender-specific computer games
Allentown sounds like a bad system for sale in the dark
An innocent person with a specific purpose. There is something built
Labert said the children were given their return documents
Turn the shelf in all directions

A software developer
Anthony is Bexar infected with a computer in St. Mario in September
Regional sheriffs offices also tried to broadcast using the network
EthernetW, according to two people in the attack.

Researchers from the Plow Alto Security Company worked last week
The Chinese royal group is reportedly kidnapping Pandat
The Commonwealth of Independent States uses EternW.

You can’t wait
“When Lee’s movement is over, he disappears,” he said.
Jane Miller-Stern, Deputy Pallo Alto Intelligence
Chain. I hope Etern Blue is used almost forever in J.P.
It is very useful for an attacker not to find a repair system.

Come on
Ten years ago, the network was the most powerful disaster
US National Security Agency officials used special forces for intelligence services
No one, no one represents our weakness
However, the operation does not have many advantages
This happens not only because it happens, but also because someone can turn off the line
The code is used only once in nature.

Some FBI and family safety
Officials secretly confirmed that the NSA was responsible
I definitely have it. A former FBI official compares the situation to a government official
Automatic devices cannot be switched off.

Year old
Interview with NSS Director Michael Rogers in March
Unique competitors are the ideas of retailers
Do not take the agency for long-term losses.

Toyota made a car, someone pulled out a knife and put it out
An eye-catching device captures the eyes and the inside
Lots of people, tons of responsibilities? You ask. NVD
He wrote about the misuse that was meant to do work that never happened.

Microsoft is the capital of Washington, where Redmond lives with thousands of people
Security specialists found the first model
Strikes, directors deny diversity.

I totally agree
Tom Bertel, Director of Customer Service
It reminds us that computer technology cannot be compared to trucks.
Governments develop and preserve these approaches for America
Demonstrate the desire to use them as tools or towers. Yes, I can
Internal hazards. When someone takes them, they can
Blow out. It was already a bomb.

Magic teacher Brad Smith
He called for the Geneva Digital Convention to regulate global access,
This includes government promises to address market risk,
Instead, keep it a secret to use for spying or attacking.

you are
In 2018, Microsoft joins Google and Facebook in 50 countries
Sign a similar appeal from French President Emmanuel Macron
Paris needs a reputation and protection on the web to remove evil
Internet in silent time.

Especially the best Internet players in the world: China, Iran, Israel, North Korea and Russia
United States of America.


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