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An Austrian tea from the black side orders thousands of happy tablets

darknet An Austrian tea from the black side orders thousands of happy tablets
Darknet An Austrian tea from the black side orders thousands of happy tablets

Updated May 22, 2019

Austrian drug dealers sell hundreds of thousands of medicines, amphetamines, LSD and other medicines.
Officials met on the website in late March.

According to the Austrian Federal Police, it is a 16-year-old guide to cross Brovnau
Other local teens have been known to share large amounts of drugs with their parents
Houses in the same city. On the evening of March 2, the police found an underage girl on the railway bridge and broke in.
When asked to leave the job, the one-year-old gave accurate information about the provider.

Police said the teenager was on the bridge
Maybe you get that illegal bullet
Appropriate solution of property documents and prison terms
16-year-old researchers answer questions. He said
The police discovered ecstasy
The police also found no suspicion of drug trafficking
First information from teenagers is available
A few hours after I questioned the original suspect.

According to the report, police found the suspect out of the way and rode his bicycle, which some believe was recently stolen.
Police stopped him and took his hat. Another 16-year-old drug dealer says he has 22 cosmetics and
little of what the authorities described as powder or crystal MDMA. Also look for a pharmacy
Police found a home on a motorcycle where the teenager lived. They are looking in his room in the house
Illegal drugs are rarely found in the death hall.

Police found 932 ecstasy pills with the same symptoms, 132 ecstasy pills with different symptoms from the first group.
medication, more than 20 grams of MDMA and countless psychedelic fungi. According to police, mushrooms,
It is intended for the personal use of 16-year-olds. After researching the technology, the researchers did
confirmation that the alleged pharmacy has purchased at least 1,800 different drugs from the black network. usually
ecstasy tablets released for tablets. Some medicines contain codeine or other opioids. The buyer also buys
at least 250 grams of sunflower seeds, 75 grams of amphetamine, various drugs, morphine, a piece of LSD and a small
psychological number of fungi. The alleged offender provided evidence of his conduct.
mushroom; He told police that the search was true, that he had not thought about selling the drug.
several objects found by police.

Looking for a 16-year-old man suspected of selling drugs,
It is known that the Austrian authorities did not buy it illegally
Goods imported into Austria. Dark eyes were used
facilitate drug registration. nine
Police have given drugs to teenagers
For example, young people in northern Austria are 16 years old
He was arrested the same day. Hire a drug dealer
costs related to the distribution of the composition
and the bike stolen. The first child
charged with controlled substance
just the ecstatic pill he has.


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