Apollon Market is a multilingual classic escrow market where users can purchase a variety of illegal goods and services. It was launched on March 9, 2018 and is the only multilingual darknet market. The Apollon market was launched by the administrators of a lesser-known darknet market called IDC 2.0 after they decided to work on a much larger scale. The name Apollon was inspired by the Apollo (God of Light) of ancient Greco-Roman mythology, as its administrators want to give users transparency and justice. He gained fame after closing the main competitors of the Wall Street Market and Valhalla.

Apollon market uses an aggressive marketing technique, refusing supplier fees from trusted suppliers in other markets [6] and offering a free vendor account + FE privileges and trusted vendor badges for suppliers who either claimed FE privileges in other markets but were rejected or not have verified statistics. [7] He benefited from the security problems of the Nightmare Market by abandoning service charges for all Nightmare Market providers. [8] [9] [10] Shortly after the disappearance of the Berlusconi administrators, Apollon offered free vendor accounts to former Berlusconi suppliers. The non-refundable Apollon service charge is currently $ 100.
buyers and sellers [11] [12]. In addition, it was forbidden to buy or sell all types of firearms, bullets, grenades, explosives, mines, other destructive devices and all that, on the Apollo market in the month of August 2019. [13] The removal of the Armory category was outraged by several users.
Рhe market supports the import of reviews across several markets. Apollon uses standard login and security features: password only, 2FA, an optional 6-digit secure PIN code for the customer, and PGP-verified trusted mirrors and deposit addresses Apollon Market has a policy of zero tolerance (car) fentanyl, child pornography, blackmail, terrorism and weapons. Drugs make up more than half of all its lists. It uses the traditional escrow method to avoid supplier fraud, but it lacks the anti-platform fraud protection provided by the multi-signature system.
Known for alerting its users to downtime and random DDOS attacks, the Apollon market is welcomed by members of the darknet community for its impressive customer support. He closed his offline forum in the same year as when he started, without explanation, and transferred his operations to the forum in Dread
On August 7, 2019, Apollon Market integrated Monero (XMR) into its payment system after several weeks of testing. This update was welcomed by both