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Authorities are closing the Darknet Finland website

darknet Authorities are closing the Darknet Finland website
Darknet Authorities are closing the Darknet Finland website

End of website
Joint efforts by Finnish customs and police have cast doubt on the Finnish Sipulikanava website on the dark internet.
The site has a store where drug dealers and buyers can communicate and trade without fear of side effects.


This website was launched on November 1, 2017. However, according to Finnish law, this information was only published on June 7,

Sipilukanava first arrived on March 13, 2014 and over time has become one of Finlands online medicines.


The site was first cleared and operated in a customers warehouse in 2017 when it was discovered that people were using it.
Ecstasycopa, which has been studied, can get this medication from the site.

Apparently in 2016, the chief marketing officer blocked the sale at a company called Spolanova.

Police have arrested a man, an accountant, an online retailer.

The arrests helped the police establish a case against Ecstasy.

Drug information in section Sipilukanavas market prompts Ektasikoup to reach customers via text message.

It is not known which messaging services are used, but anonymous messaging services are plentiful.
Black market activities in the market.

They are very popular because they are similar and reliable.

This is not to say that anonymous messages are incomplete due to restrictions and their use.
They are still in business.

October 31 – November 1, 2017
[National organization
The researcher (NBI), the Helsinki Police Special Investigation Bureau and the Equestrian Federation continued their work.
He assigned the research work to Sipilokanova in Vantaa.

The bodies were found in law enforcement, technical evidence related to the suspects.
Very common and ineffective.

He also learned to maintain a good environment and the tools he uses to maintain it.


He looks suspiciously into a dark room.

People guarding the Dark Webmaster account were arrested by police.

The suspects are the two main people who were not needed, but were arrested on drug charges
And it supports the promotion of addiction.

According to preliminary investigations, the crime was detected in 2016-2017; Now is the time to relax
Online business is done online.

Thirty-seven spectators are awaiting drug and alcohol offenses.

Circulation can be maintained by a responsible web developer who is a 45-year IT expert
See how to start drugs online and how to do it.

The police also took the lead in protecting the person on duty; The server is considered a storage server

The author seems to have employees in his office. They think they are safe here and want to check.
Look, but there are only people in the idea that must be set if there is a violation of the law.

He established an employee in his office without permission or knowledge from his superiors, so that his boss would never see
anyone again.

How to use
I think the design of this site is a way to study various topics legally.

However, there are several things that a page manager needs to do. Initially, he had a market share
Subsequent uses in drug trafficking.

Category The market is used as one of Darknet’s advertisements: to promote its products by distributing retail related information
About the product and about the product including a brief description with its image, price and size.
Locate the login message for the seller.

Users have the ability to publish and send identifiable accounts.

Anonymous messaging allows buyers and sellers to further communicate and sell.

In 2016, site protection managers reorganized the commercial sector into separate sectors.
These areas have significantly improved performance.

Save the contact on the dirty web
[Many rules
Satisfied, they received and gathered the technical evidence necessary to connect the applicant with Sipuliknawa.
In addition to low doses of the drug. This should not be the case for those accustomed to the dark.
Surprisingly, drug trafficking continues. Sipuliknawa is another place for many people in the dark
It is rejected if there is suspicion or proof of a contract that is being sold illegally. The frozen story that is very popular
Hans, Alphabet and Silk Road markets according to the Global Drug Survey.
[Illegal sale
Drugs are more common in Finland than in any other country
Secretly, the difference between them and England increases by 25%, with the United States in second place.
18 percent, Germany 7 percent, Denmark 5 percent. According to information security expert Juha Normi, this is a dirty web
There were ten thousand visitors at the same time. It shows the number of people visiting the website in Finland, including many
First, the reason for Sipulikanawa’s submission for illegal activities.
Finland travels to enforce criminal law in Web Dorn.


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