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Authorities arrested a “Farmville” seller for $ 19 million

darknet Authorities arrested a "Farmville" seller for $ 19 million
Darknet Authorities arrested a "Farmville" seller for $ 19 million

Last updated before March 20, 2019

The government has made a billion dollars by selling supposed drugs.
The cryptocurrency is on a dark network called Silk Road.

It is published by the United States Association of Law
Yesterday, Hugh Brian Haney, 0, was arrested near Columbus, Ohio. Loss of 1959 and 200 H
Presumably, Bitcoins were received from a drug dealer, a participating company, an Sitki Street account
Exchange of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It is incorrect to say that the source of these trees is the sea.

You will need a pen, a box and a coin for money trading
Before the case. In the first case, the maximum sentence is 20 years, and in the second, over 10 years

Angel MM Melandez, Special Representative of the National Security Investigation Agency (HSI), said HSI employees worked on the
chain link.
A collection that allows you to identify and toss 19 bitcoins in the dark shade of isher oil is against justice
South York York.

The first statement about the United States

> United States Attorney in Berman New York and Angel Special S. Mendez
New York Police Immigration Bureau Ro and Deputy Chief of Police of the Drug Administration. Monitor internal security
Complaint statement from Brian NAFTA and withdrawal of financial claims
His drug trafficking took place in a sleeping area called Silk Road, where drugs and other illegal products are located, and
Website buyers and sellers buy and sell online. Crude oil was delivered this morning near Columbus, Ohio
He served as a judge in South Ohio.

Jeffrey S. Berman, U.S. The attorney general said: “Our company is made of silk with a lawyer.”
At the same time, there is an online marketplace for illicit drug trafficking, hacking and many other crimes. Said
The Silk Road was used as medicine for people all over the world. It seems to lose its benefits
19 million for cryptocurrency. Daily catch pharmacists should be warned to sell their medicines online
They can never shoot anyone, especially if they set the wrong rules.

Angel m.
The case is seeking ways and means to end crime and, most importantly, money laundering. Haiti
One disadvantage is that there is silver coating in Siberia. They use special agents to control HSI
Digitized to allow bitcoin to gain $ 19 billion in Haneyk’s shadow.
New York City.

How they complain everyday

The Silk Road was set up to enter the gates of crime, beyond the law and the government. Everything
Disputes over defects when creating or simply servicing Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Two and a half years
The Silk Road is used by thousands of traders and sellers to send hundreds of thousands of pounds.
Illicit drugs and addictions cost more than 100,000 clients and cost hundreds of millions of dollars.
It deletes illegal files. As it is known, the net revenue from web sales was $ 9.5 billion

The main pharmacy is Silk Farmville Road. Farmville farmers are made especially in the community
People are involved in drug trafficking deals. This was done by agents and staff from the Drug Enforcement Administration.
Purchase of control substances, including oxycontin, at Farmville 2011 and 2012, respectively.
In a review of the 2018 HANEYs at Ohio State, HSI confirmed that HANEY is a member or senior executive.
Farmville, which operates a large hospital near the camp.

Because the Silk Road payment system on your site is basically a bank account, every customer needs to have an account.
Page search Merchants who want to sell goods, including drugs, have all the silk on Silk Road
A Bitcoin Road address or multiple address is associated with a Silk Road user account. After the surgery, A.
Traders pay other users to transfer Bitcoin to users and remove Bitcoin from them
Traders send bitcoin silk to it by sending it to a Bitcoin address outside Silk Road, such as Bitcoin
The seller’s address is self-directed.

In 2017 and 2018, HANEY changed Bitcoin, a product purchased in Farmville.
Silk Road to Bitcoin Exchange foreign currency accounts from within
As for Company-1, Hahn has falsely claimed that the source of bitcoin is the bitcoin mining market.
How the new Bitcoin was banned People met online, literally
Instead, Bitcoin is heading to Silk Road. HANEY then transferred Bitcoin to $ 19 million
In response to rising industry costs, the HSI received funding from the depositor in response to regulatory requirements.
Bank (Bank-1) is located in the state of New York.


Anna, 60, from Colombia, Ohio, was charged with harassment of up to 20 people.
He was sentenced to several years in prison and charged with selling counterfeit goods
Ten years in prison. In this case, adequate sanctions are imposed by Congress and are imposed here
It is for informational purposes only if each judge thinks about what the judge told them.

J. Berman praised the HSI Intelligence Agency.

The problem is solved by financial ruin and capital mismanagement. United States
Lawyer Samuel L. Klein Raymond and Mrs. Tara La Moret is a prosecutor.

The guilty plea to the plaintiff rests on the acquittal of the accused until proven otherwise.


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