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Authorities arrested a Silkville Farmville seller and confiscated $ 19 million in Bitcoin

darknet Authorities arrested a Silkville Farmville seller and confiscated $ 19 million in Bitcoin
Darknet Authorities arrested a Silkville Farmville seller and confiscated $ 19 million in Bitcoin

Updated July 20, 2019

The government is seizing $ 19 million in bitcoin from drug dealers
Cryptocurrency on the Silk Road harvest site.

That’s what the American prosecutor said in the southern part of New York.
On Thursday, 2017, 2018, 60-year-old businessman Hugh Brian Hane was arrested near Columbus, Ohio.
Bitcoin is said to be money for a drug obtained through a silk corporate account.
Exchange bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. He lied that the sources of these bitcoins were mine.

Honey oil is accused of concealing money and numbers involved in business transactions.
Criminal property. The former was sentenced to 20 years, but the latter could serve up to ten years in prison.
For centuries.

Angeleland Melendez of the Homeland Security Investigator (HSI) said the blockade affected HSI experts.
Analyze the approach and get 200 million bitcoins and pull Haney out of the dark shadow of the Justice Department
Southern New York.

Original USAAO article

Jeffrey S. Berman, USA. Attorney for the Southern District of New York and Angel M. Melendez, Special Counsel
Representative of New York Field USA. Control of internal security and customs.
(HSI) arrest warrant and money laundering complaint HUGH BRIAN HANEY,
Money to sell your drugs on a white site called Silica Sugar, where illegal drugs and other illegal drugs and
Services are always bought and sold by the seller and buyer of the website. HANEY was arrested today near Columbus, Ohio,
And he was brought to the south-south district of Ohio.

U.S. Attorney Jeffrey S. Berman said: Our agency was on the legal side.
Streets, a secret market for illegal drugs, theft and many other crimes. As I said,
Yu Hane used the Silk Road to sell drugs to people around the world. Then they lose the remaining profits
Cryptocurrency over $ 19 million. Arrests should be a warning today for trader dirty sites
That they can’t be anonymous forever, especially if they try to prove that their cause is bad.

HSI managing director Fereshteh M. Melendez said: “The Silk Road was closed in 2013 and the results are stormy.
Keep repeating their mistakes, the most important thing being to avoid spending money. TE Amo
After all, cyber Gold is one of the most important. HSI dedicated users use a block
Analysts have attempted to recover and recover 19 million bitcoin and remove the oil from the damaged area
Southwest New York.

As stated in the complaint, this date will be released

The Silk Road is designed to be an online marketplace for law enforcement and enterprising public enterprises. everything
The change can go the Silk way using cryptocurrency cryptocurrency. Two and a half years have passed
Hundreds of thousands of dollars are motivated by thousands of artists and marketers.
Sell and free goods and services sold for over $ 100,000, and hundreds of millions of dollars
Because of misconduct. In total, the site generated over 9.5 million.

The best drug dealer in Silk Road is called Farm Wheel. Portville offers a group of volunteers
People are asking for drugs. Employees play a leading role in the insurance industry
In 2011 and 2012, Farmville banned a number of drugs, including oxetocin.
Assuming HENEY homes in Ohio in 2018, HSI employees have revealed that HENEY is a member or CEO.
The main trading center at Formwell, Silk Road.

The silk road payment system is Bitcoin Bank. As a site, each user should have their own account.
Site traders selling heavy goods, including heavy goods, sell land on the Silk Road.
More than one address associated with a Bitcoin travel address or Silk Travel account by user.
Vendors can purchase Bitcoin and then transfer Bitcoin and pay for other users.
Silk Road Merchants: Bitcoin addresses that are sent to other Bitcoin addresses, such as Bitcoin, except Silk Road.
Private sales address

In 2017 and 2018, HANEY bought Pharmacell and represented Bitcoin revenue.
Silk Road, Bitcoins and Companies in Digital Exchange Exchange Accounts (Company-1)
The Honey Calligraphy Association 1 incorrectly obtains certain bitcoins from the source of these bitcoins,
Cryptocurrency Creation Bitcoin And Actually Online People Meeting And
HANEY comes from Bitcoins Silk Road after Bitcoin offered $ 19 cash.
The guards confiscated the money in court through an I-1 million internet company with accounts
Bank (Bank 1) in South New York


The 60-year-old honey from Columbus, Ohio, was charged with murder and 20 crimes.
One year in prison and a financially related crime.
10 years in prison. In this case, the most likely statement is evaluated by Congress and indicated here.
Simply put, the court decides to hear the suspect.

Mr. Berman praises critical HSI research.

This problem is being addressed by the Office of Launch and the International Crime Association, which is helping the United
Justices Samuel Raymond and Tara M. No Morty were responsible for this problem.

The cost of the appeal is worrying and the accused is considered a defendant if there is no evidence to prove it.


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