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Authorities visit Child Abuse in DarkScandals and catch the administrator’s website

darknet Authorities visit Child Abuse in DarkScandals and catch the administrator's website
Darknet Authorities visit Child Abuse in DarkScandals and catch the administrator's website

Police officers appeared with the suspect arrested
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Powerful videos of girls around the world. “”

Dutch and US authorities arrested 32 and 32 people on Monday (March 9) in the city of Brandrecht, the Netherlands, on charges of
“child abuse and trafficking,” according to a European report yesterday.

Europol said one Dutchman complained about his work in Darkscandles, which contained “videos about child fishing and child

DarkScandals has over 2000 “videos and photos”
Art distinctions such as European Europe
The Network Crime Center (EC3) was involved in the investigation with the party.
USA, and Germany
The Netherlands.

“DarkScandals users have two options,” said Europol
Put these pornographic and bloody things in the “package”
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“Users can watch video analysts using cryptocurrency or post new videos on DarkScandals to add content to the site.”

This website is dark and bright
He is said to have collected two million dollars in the climb
May 2012

Accused is accused in the United States
He was accused of distributing child pornography
Because of the language and many free things,
Get involved in buying or exchanging calls,
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U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has called online staff Black Lives Matter to accuse director Michael Rahim Mohammed.

Erichs, Deputy Head of Public Security
An ICE study states: Those who share evil
Michael Rahim Mohammed is a clean victim and birds

We will continue to work with our police
Participants to diagnose and treat these feelings using all available resources
Management to ensure that there are no other victims
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