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Babysitter jailed for 30 years for creating child pornography in custody

A California prosecutor was sentenced to prison for juvenile delinquency a few years ago.
Said the guard

Travis L. Connie, of Burbank, 35, made a fake video of five-year-old boys and girls.
Between August 2016. Between November 2016 and 2018, the Central District Attorney Generals Office issued a notice.
The government released a friend, Alkouni.

The United States used the iPhone 8 to cover the back of its lawyer.

She uses the pot as a waitress to have her children and finds it very necessary.
According to the court, he rents a large family, including his friends.

Alconin itself, which advertises on the Internet, should employ children as educational institutions, and its main purpose
Children do not regulate.

Police say the source said: Know the importance of parents knowing that their father is safe when he leaves.
A. This is important to me.

Erconin works with many families. He was arrested in January and charged with criminal manslaughter with four children.
Said the Police. Child pornography was convicted in March.

During a search in California, German police called the U.S. Department of Defense,
Erconin reports on child sexuality and image modification that are not appropriate for child sexuality according to national

German police say Elkonen has exchanged more than 10,000 messages and confidential conversations on the Black Web site over the
past two years.
Line up. The police chief, who oversaw the case, did not respond to a NBC News request for comment Tuesday.

On Monday, the judge sentenced Elkonen to prison and sentenced him to life in prison.
Determined by an American lawyer.

“Travis Elkane has taken responsibility for his actions,” said his lawyer, Jonathan Lin.
I apologize to the victims. She knew she had problems and wanted all the treatment done during her career.
Your decision.


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