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Baltimore City has approved $ 10 million to facilitate software purchases

Updated: 18 July 2019

Baltimore authorities have agreed to pay more than $ 10 million to cover the cost of a software attack.
Find errors in your computer system in early May.

City Hall
The attacker reported m 18m after threatening 80 80,000 from the actor
Protects open systems, but provided by government authorities
The police do not pay.

Mention ABC News as Baltimore Technology Manager
[Original standing photo
He opposed government assistance in the aftermath of the attack.

As of this month, rescuers have also hit three Florida cities, said the victim, Key Biscayne.
Last week.000.000 for salary.

Other cities agreed with Lake City’s various demands
Pay 60,460,000 for Bitcoin for data transactions and computer transactions
Rivera Beach pays 600,000,000 in rewards.


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