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Berlusconi market damage raises fears of market closure

We announce it is October 2nd. As for the source of all the black news on the Internet, we will always report first, something
will happen
Translate the text and our room, so be careful.

Bergson, the third-largest blogger, faced serious problems when it became clear he could not communicate.
Officials made the announcement two weeks after buyers did not enter the market.

It started last week when we saw an increase in traffic to our site, and most of the people who brought traffic saw us in
In the market All consumers complain about Dados cups, which prevents them from entering the market. The market is required
Unzip the captcha before entering the user login information. The user appears to be redirected to the same CAPTCHA page
They made the wrong decision. One user said they did not follow these changes, who else? I had a wonderful experience
until now. Some people have said that they have only been able to enter the port documents to solve the problem, and no one wants
another scam site. Of
We receive hundreds of complaints about this situation every day. The situation was bad, there were no buyers
He wants to see another scam.

A few days later we received a message from the Bergasoni market explaining the situation. he said

> Do not accept FUD, as it is very fraudulent and we pay 300,000 customers to fill out the forms and get started.
deposit within 8 days OPSEC assumes that the supervision will only accept deposits and must be approved within 7 days
In the days when we didn’t know each other, everyone thought of a hero who could go, but that is not what happened. We need time,
please, we will be number one in LE
To protect us and our customers, we need to be careful about everything we do after this transfer.
This situation is unsatisfactory and we offer the Berlusconi hybrid insurance treatment and sharing plan.
Berlusconi has millions to punish, all these years we have emptied and told everyone to drink. but we can
Take care of every euro and you want Eliza to be safe if our boss doesn’t let you
Berlusconi has a different background and knows our monthly weight to pass the appropriate vacation test in this position.
we have 12 times in the refrigerator so as not to get lost. Maintenance is not an easy task
The greatest product of those years is no different than any other here. The body is gone
the idea of earning a little money a lifetime. But it’s not like that. we are here for you and only for us
support and customer support throughout your family’s website, we love it
Watch out. This is a sign of the Berlusconi Marketplace on CyberBunker! similarities can be calculated
The service will work in the long run. Berlusconi supports the system and Captcha is locked to an unknown OPSec V3 Becus standard.
We do not want
FUD and false accusations destroy the reputation we have written since 2016! We see many people selling the product
the first to bring it to an end. We will not put it under our nose, we will tell! We show the world
Don’t worry about panic surprises! Waiting for Putin to come will give you leadership
Customers outside OPSEC, we have to get it!

PR ed Berlusconi Market
Information provided by a member of the PR does not comment on this matter before being sent to a member of the PR
exchange They have no backup / backup and are not connected
III Other users were shocked by all the money withdrawn from the market. I doubt it

On October 2nd, we received a letter from modluscon stating that this was not a problem
Hana. He said he had not been able to contact the authorities in the past two weeks. I think you can fix
hold, close or not. We sent your message on Backup, so it was great for us, but we didn’t see it.
because the problem of Captcha in the Berlusconi market was a problem in the past, because I thought it would affect someone else
Longer than the status quo.

So I went ahead and left a comment for our Berlusconi market to see users about this situation.
the market has disappeared.

You can check out Berlusconi market on October 2, 2019 at 12:47 pm. We’re compiling
Proof that we can use it for information, so we have to wait a while until the situation is resolved.

MORE NOTE: The PR representative of the Berlusconi Market party said he would not cheat
Problems in our market, our defender Vladimir Putin has some real problems and it can be solved in the next few days.
It does not betray our customers and sellers.

Remember: PR members are not just salespeople. No previous system has access. So understand
There is no need in this situation.

From the administrator
Darknet Stats

We published it on October 2
Posted on October 2 by darknetstats [
The email sent to the black pages on October 2 above is the model of the emails and emails where we received the message.
berlusconi mod October 2, 2019 We still believe that an email from the fashion team is not enough evidence to report an arrest or
Get rid of Berlusconi’s administrative fraud. He said in a statement

> As you know, we now have a problem with the cap. The real problem is that both managers fail two
In the last few weeks (on this issue), we were unable to access the server and therefore were unable to resolve the issue. You
will have to work on funding
The market, therefore, does not think of fraudulent refugees, but the results are the same. They took out the lid so we could fix
Consumers can withdraw their money, but it’s not easy.
We don’t know what happened to our bosses. They could not be arrested, killed or anything else.
We hope to see them in the next few days, but probably every day.
In any case, we will let you know.


Emanuel Macron, coordinator Professor Berlusconi Market

Letter Letter, President Emmanuel Macron
Email records received with Berlusconi medicine May 2 [
Email records I received in Berlusconi on May 2? The situation is clear. right
We do not think that this is the way to go after the details of this case, because once the authorities put an end to their
hypocrisy, they will.
They, like other existing markets, are not prohibited from investing and are closed before fraud
Win. On the other hand, if we look at Berlusconi, the front server runs CAPTCHA and the back server.
If the CAPTCHA makes the right decision, users can monitor and authorize the current market. Now we can look at that
The server works well and Captcha works well, but the background servers do not respond to the requirements of the previous
Posted, the seller will appear again. This means that the latest servers can be sold
Disabled and the original server in another country cannot work at this time.

When we write an order, we cannot be 100% sure of what is happening in the market or in management. All we know is that
The fact is, the situation is far from ideal, with two weeks to go
You will get more details at once. We see an ad explaining that the This
Market is on the market.


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