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Berlusconi’s partners include managers to spread the demand for scary products.

darknet Berlusconi's partners include managers to spread the demand for scary products.
Darknet Berlusconi's partners include managers to spread the demand for scary products.

I reported this on October 2nd. As the main source of all the dark news on the web, we always report first
Copy items and screenshots, so be careful.

Berlusconi, the big market for Darknet, had serious problems when one of its models said it was out of reach.
Director for two weeks. He made his statement after the user did not have access to the market through captcha.

It all began a week ago, when we saw a significant increase in traffic to our site and more traffic to Berlusconi.
Marketplace All users complain that they do not have access to the ddos captcha market. Get The market
Fix a captcha issue before the user enters login information. But users were redirected to the captcha page as it happened
Captcha was wrong on diagnosis. One user told me to check the antidote, is there anything else? I had some great experiences
Others today simply state that they are on dose vaccines. No one wants other scam sites for tourists where the situation is right.
He was ordered
Every day we receive hundreds of complaints about the situation. The situation is weak and there are no users
Another travel scam is required.

A few days later I saw an ad in Berlusconi Square. You said

> Please do not distribute FUD, as we have many opportunities to suddenly turn 300,000 customers from identity theft.
In the last 8 days from the date of payment, our OPSEC account is the largest single-owner server and is used until 19:00.
Once you miss everything, the show will disappear with your We need time.
In order to plan and protect ourselves and our customers, we do not need to take any further action after this review.
Not bad, because we created a hybrid system to take Berlusconi’s head to look safe.
There they are. For many years, Berlusconi has had millions of blockbusters to take off our shoes and deceive us all. but we can
All euros and secure interest on the table, if our manager does not touch us, we withdraw it.
Berlusconi is another cold storage and storage service provider that ensures that we are well aware of our monthly balance.
We have been under a cold star every year for 12 months. If you lose money, nothing can be lost.
In recent years, we are not a big money market like the other markets here. not to trust yourself
We lived together most of our lives. But they didn’t. We are ready for you and for you.
Our buyers and sellers support every project that goes to Darknet because we love our family.
Be careful, but the Berlusconi Marketplace love found in the Cyber Bunker is gone! we can say fast
outside. Blockchains are safe and reliable. With Captcha, our OPSec standard cannot be changed by V3 Becuse.
Solving crime and lies with FUD will ruin the reputation we have been building since 2016! We saw a lot of people shopping malls
they said their number and will fight one day. Never put your nose down and talk! We approve it
It’s just a worry that you don’t have to send amazing messages! I ask Putin to pay and turn to Kapcha’s grandmother
Our servers are free OPSEC because you really need it!

Berlusconi Market PR issued a statement
The presentation of PR to witnesses of events is so amazing that we later discover that there are PR specialists
the only speaker on the market. They are not connected to the server / management server and are not connected to each other
power. Sidewalk users were in bad shape due to all the money lost in the market. Your scale
it was clear.

On October 2, we received a message, similar to Berlusconi’s, stating that the problem was not with the main security unit.
Work. Two weeks later, he said he had not contacted the administration. He was considered an agent.
Arrested, killed or otherwise. Pgp signed the message and this is good proof for us, but so far we have not given it.
as the berlusconi market will continue to experience problems with captcha in the future and i think we should try it.
before commenting on the situation.

That is why I wrote a comment on the market page in Bergusconi to inform people about the opposition about the current situation.
The market is over.

> 12 :: 47 October 2, 201, made by Berlusconi market. We are now working on many choices
Proof that we can use it for reporting, so we have to wait for the case to end.

Comment: Member of Public Relations Member A has stated that it does not cause any fraud in us
The problem with our CEO, Vladimir Putin, is that there are some ups and downs in life, and we look forward to buying them
We do not serve our customers and suppliers.

Note: Members of the public relations are the spokesperson of the company. You don’t have the opportunity to play in the
background. That’s what they’re promoting
This is limited to one type of problem.

It’s dark

We made this statement on October 2nd
Black October 2 Announcement [
The announcement of darknetstats on October 2nd is the text and the email image that we have received.
Updated October 2, 2019. We are currently processing an email from the project because it does not provide sufficient proof of
registration or
Privacy management solutions. In the email you provided

> As you can see, we have a problem with Captcha. The real problem is that our agencies have two
Last week (before this problem) it was not available on the server, so we were unable to resolve the problem. Money must be lost
Purchase, so I’m not thinking about export, but also about the result. We tried to encrypt Captcha for modification
Users can make money, but it’s not easy.
We don’t know what happened to our employer. They can be arrested, killed or otherwise arrested.
We hope to see them in the next few days, but they won’t come back every day.
However, we take care of you.

Good luck

Emmanuel Macron, Elder Berlusconi Market

Message from the driver Emmanuel Macron mod6 Berlusconi Market
Screenshot of Berlusconi’s e-mail on October 2 [
Berlusconi messages screenshots by October 2. What should you do? The situation remains unknown. Pak
After a careful analysis of the situation, we do not believe this is the answer, if the leaders want to get out of fraud, they
It agrees to invest, as in all other markets, and the ban prohibits the elimination of fraud.
the previous. On the other hand, we know that Berlusconi used the first servers to create servers with developers.
Captcha in a way or improved and allows users to enter a specific market. Now we can see clearly in the future
Servers work well and Captcha works fine, but there are server translators that respond to requests from previous servers.
Those who are forced to review are sent and this means that it is possible to market a dirty server.
In other countries, it cannot be a default view connected to a data center, and the endpoint server cannot be disconnected.

At this time, we are unable to provide 100% of the content to the market or its managers. What we know
The situation looks much worse. It is a two-week break we forget
We can only point out one thing: the This
Market can be said to be available soon.


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