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Best BuyBast – CC sells “Flint 24” seized by FSB after violation of “Good” Russia “Act”

darknet Best BuyBast - CC sells "Flint 24" seized by FSB after violation of "Good" Russia "Act"
Darknet Best BuyBast - CC sells "Flint 24" seized by FSB after violation of "Good" Russia "Act"

According to Russia, the sales data was put together with 25 members of the bank card. Russian crime journal: Reaching someone’s
inner goals.

The Russian government often uses the Internet
Citizens are somewhat obliged when it comes to foreigners
National legislation has been like this in the past
It’s difficult to support.

Market representatives held a meeting
CarderBazaar is a public platform delivered on GoldenShop / Bibest and for everyone
He has announced the sale of glasses and is also looking forward to new cards
Information. & Nbsp;

But officials will not tolerate targeted Russian criminals and banks.

Unfortunately, some local groups do not seem to receive this message.

On Tuesday, Russia’s security service, known as the FSB,
He said he would work with the Russian Interior Ministry
More than 30 people were arrested in 11 locations across the country.
Moscow, Crimea and Sunnah after prescription
Twenty-five defendants sold credit cards and credit cards.
For Russian and foreign financial institutions.

People’s officials, including Russia, are being fired.
Citizens of Ukraine and Lithuania receive more than $ 90 online
The store sells stolen information and uses stolen card information
Sale and sale of goods worth more than 1 million. The ministry said
They were also arrested during a search of the suspects’ homes
Weapons prices, illicit drugs, gold bars, coins and silver: 1
Millions of dollars and 3 million rubles (equivalent to 39 thousand).

The FSB said one of the detainees had been charged with similar offenses. In the case of Alexei Stroganoff, known as “Parchin 24”,
the name appeared directly on the newspaper’s website, a list of other suspects and details of their presence in court. Stroganoff
was sentenced to four years in prison in 2006 and six years in prison, he said.

Sturganov was arrested by a Moscow court.

Russian government officials did not comment because the cyber market was closed.

But “at the same time, these arrests … in addition to the Internet, are a classic online marketplace and voters called BuyBest,”
he wrote on his twinning blog. “BuyBest sells millions of compromised credit records and is known for its vast amount of personal
information and data,” he said.

According to the Twins Council, BuyBest Binco and Yohoho are also investigating cybercrime products.

Baybust and Golden Shop are financial markets, meaning they trade
Credit card contract information and yes the same source
That is always done by the same crime group, “said Jimmy
We see the fingers working
Glass, which was made without Russian legal permission

Two viewers say Baybast 201 first appeared in 2013, is expected
This has benefited 18 million from the construction market
Millions of resources for managers and people
Give that place a stolen card.

“The marketplace is known for selling false information, including social security numbers, date of birth, victim’s IP address and [victim’s
browser].” They are Ghan. ”

Card Marketing

Usually, Bibrest has their forum.

“Most market advertises its services by the public
It’s a forum, but some of them have their forums, the twins said
The counselors do this. “They had a forum called ‘Market Managers’
Cardbazaar is a Gold Shop / Bibest with a full advertising platform.
Ideas and new computer card announcements
articles. Kodarbazari has some illegal cyber security sites
How it works ”

It is alleged that Flint24 and the larger group used open sites such as and, as well as other sites
that can only be accessed via the dark network using the anonymous Thor browser.

Closed: Russian ticket sales

Gemini’s lawsuit claims to be in Russia
Case BuyBest marketplace meeting to check the transfer
Card issued by Russian bank. It is not known how long he will end up working
Lure customers, do it
However, the information is available in one of 90 cities.
It agrees with the law. ”

Another important factor, he says, is that businesses can set themselves up to compete. He suggested that “the Russian stock
market is part of a broad spectrum of criminal offenses”, announcing the capture of the dark market last year, possibly by Mr Green marketplace’s

Putin’s bow

Gary Warner, director of computer science at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, said he was arrested when President Vladimir
Putin ordered his cabinet to stop the theft.

Putin said in Russian last month that “we are shutting down the system, what should we do to reduce these crimes.”

“We look forward to seeing what happens when President Putin makes his decision,” Warner said.
Defendants must do something to reduce cybercrime.
In Russia? The role of the FSB is to arrest people. ”

I love music

The grip on Bai Best is a bit different than in the past
The Russian state is almost never responsible for any wrongdoing.

In October 2013, Dmitry E. Fitzgerald was blocked in several reports after declaring a state of emergency, and authorities called
him a punch. Fedotov, 27 years old. At the time Fedotov was a Singapore blackhole mining company and a well known Singapore
producer. Cold mining equipment; antivirus service.

It was then announced by the Interior Ministry
The cybercrime activity of the Black Hole group leads to the fraud of 2.1 million people
Against Russian banks.

Russia is threatened with foreign infiltration
Prosecutors abroad because the Russian government has not issued them
Citizens, however, apply to all Russians who decide to enter the Russian homeland
Their danger.


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