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Black MPs jailed for attempting to smuggle zombie drugs

The man trying to avoid the monkey is something
People passing through Coventry Airport have been arrested.

After the airport, cut off the packages of class B drugs
Michael McGraw bought it and imported it online.

A search of the home of the 48-year-old Longona turned up several drugs.

McGraw spent 27 months in a crane owned by Stone-on-Trent.

Paul Spratt explains that the defenders participated in the import and
Monkey Entry from January 1 to April 17, 2018.

Sprat said that monkey is a chemical that has a huge impact on users.

People lose memories, paranoia and pain
strong emotions. It can lead to behavioral disorder and psychosis
You feel like you have a spirit.

You agree to import and submit medicines.

He said the package was delivered to McGraw four times
Prior to November 24th and 28th, police were directly involved,
December 5th and 8th.

There must be black
Upper McGraw-based package injured at Coventry Airport
December 13th, 125g cans were in the cargo hold
Dust was worth Rs 5,000 on the market.

Splat’s comment: police
On 21 December, 21 children were found at the defendant’s address
Milk powder is 404 mg and 5.7 g. They found
A digital scale and a small plastic bag.

Another obstacle
January 6th, there was a lot of dust on the Coventry Freight Hub
Available in two packages, 49.2g and 1.07g.

Examining his phone, he collected the monkey’s soil
The web asked him where his delivery was.

A police expert interviewed 29 people over drugs.

What is silver powder?
According to Frank, a national anti-drug group
The British Ministry of Health was established.
In 2003, the government declared monkey powder a cadre.

It was originally sold online as a legal alternative to these drugs
Speed, ecstasy and cocaine. Police to prevent clashes with militants
The tapes they sell are not for human consumption.
They may be sold as plant foods or bath salts.

Catholics in general
Coded or absorbed in cork or paper. Or
It is available in the form of capsules and tablets and can be smoked.

* Measure heart risk, blood flow and heart damage.
* They are itching the nervous system and creating nausea.
* Many cats are always new and do not know much about them, so there is no risk of using them.
* They create confusion.
* They can reduce divorce, which can lead to risky behaviors such as sex and injury today.

Monkey Soil is a Class B drug, meaning you don’t need to eat, eat or sell it.

Once you own the property, you could face up to five years in prison, unlimited fines or both.

Arresting someone, even your spouse, could result in a prison sentence or 14 years in prison to 14 years.

Michael Grant
Spratt said the plaintiff filed 14,850 lawsuits.

Rochester Road, Longington pleaded guilty
Drug release from June 1, 2018 and April
17 years to find treatment room B; And dangerous substances
From July 1, 2017 to December 21, 2018.

Daniel Lister, who was released, said the victim had not previously been fined for importing and controlling drugs.

Lister said: It was a mixture of monkey dust. It is
Bring and sell to your friends. He graduated from 29 people
There is no need to ask in detail.

He knows how to make money and admitted to making money by selling.

In general, David Fletcher said: “The main reason for this case is our own use of coal dust.”

You know the value of this gift to the people and citizens who received it personally.

Proceeds from the sale will be released later this year.

McGraw defender Sir Sire Robinson of Burbt Street Mir has been fined $ 75 for receiving cannabis possession.

The lawyer decided not to do so
226 years property.


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