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Blue Cape Microsoft urges users to improve

darknet Blue Cape Microsoft urges users to improve
Darknet Blue Cape Microsoft urges users to improve

May Updated July 18, 2019

Microsoft has taken immediate steps to stop security breaches

Windows XP: Similar operating systems
Server 2003 In May 2003 They said they found something new
They already have versions of Windows
Turn off computers at the same level as WannaCry
2017. Updates are available in a few weeks, but there are many systems available
I disagree with Microsoft Blockchap
They stopped in the jungle now.

this is
Microsoft has received many Windows XP
Finally returned in 2017. However, self-sufficiency is still beyond the reach of the average person
XP can open many other infrastructure resources
In a corporate environment where the new system does not work.

After declaring a pipeline, Microsoft decided to publish incorrect information
(CVE-2019-0708) Confidential. This is called a disaster.
Eco blue is a worm that can be transmitted to infected people
Systems like WannaCry. Microsoft will tell you everything
Associated with Windows power tool. Windows 8
However, only 10 are protected.

Researchers have discovered this
Blue Cape, however, has decided not to publish evidence of such political views
It’s very easy to join. But Microsoft is confident.
Not used in nature. Release built-in custom controller
Post Protocol Protocol (RDP) attackers can track accordingly.
It can be used to install computer malware, steal data, etc.
Ransomware blocking software

> O
Security CVE-2019-0708 was updated on May 14, 2019.
However, the latest public information, about 1 million computers
There are always weaknesses

Microsoft recommends fixing the effect as soon as possible.

Safe Answer (msftsecresponse) May 31, 2019

Security experts estimate that there are almost one million boxes
unprotected direct Internet connection with BlueKeep. May be
on ice, it can be a weak machine
internal network ports with various lung systems.

The pope, director of Microsoft Incident Response, is calling again
each update of your system to the latest code update. Windows 7 and
The latest server platforms are updated automatically, except Windows
XP and Server 2003 require automatic updates [
There seem to be many types of these systems on your computer and none of them
Find new parts. BlueKeep error is unavoidable


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