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BlueCap requires growth for Microsoft users

darknet BlueCap requires growth for Microsoft users
Darknet BlueCap requires growth for Microsoft users

Updated July 18, 2019

Microsoft has taken an unusual step in recognizing security breaches
Technology like Windows XP
Server in mid-May 2003. Now is the time to say
Security is possible in older versions of Windows
Computers started with a small size purchase of WannaCry
The 2017 update will be available next week, but it’s still available
Microsoft immediately took advantage of the BlueKeep line
It’s in nature now.

Microsoft needed to get rid of Windows XP that it supports
It was created in 2017. However, there are millions of computers out there
XP works, and many have the basics
An industry where new systems do not work.

Microsoft has chosen to display all these errors when reporting updates
(CVE-2019-0708) Sirta. Insecure (now known), he said
BlueKeep is a worm, which means it can spread to infected people
Systems like WannaCry. Microsoft says it all
Do some things on a Windows desktop. Windows 8
10 Both areas are well protected.

Researchers have found that starting a business is easy
Blue cap, but decide not to have a policy certificate number
Weakness is dangerous. Nevertheless, Microsoft is now trusted
Garden in the middle of nature. When it comes to specific control capabilities
In a protocol (RDP), the attacker can decide the object.
Computer. It can be used to steal and even install files on a computer
Unlock your system with purchasing tools.

Security update CVE-2019-0708 was announced May 14, 2019.
But new data shows that there are about six million computers
This is still facing controversy.

Microsoft says all security measures need to be upgraded as soon as possible.

Security Response (MSCSC response) May 31, 2019

This time the doctor
Security experts estimate that there are about 1 million windows
Connect to BlueKeep Internet with no errors. That is not possible
Now this is an ice cube that can attack a car
Low performance internal network.

This is Simon
The Pope, led by Carabolo, advised Microsoft
Everyone will improve their work with new focus. After Windows 7 after
They are upgrading to a new server planet, but not Windows
XP3 Server 2003 Requires Information [
Many of these processes are possible without them
Looking for a new employee. In this case, blue is inevitable


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