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BlueCube works hard to communicate with Microsoft users

darknet BlueCube works hard to communicate with Microsoft users
Darknet BlueCube works hard to communicate with Microsoft users

Updated July 18, 2019

Microsoft has taken extraordinary steps to unlock security features
[From a long time
Continuous operating systems such as Windows XP and Windows
Server 2003 arrives in mid-May. He said a new era had been invented
Security is enabled on older versions of Windows
Remove systems the same size as WannaCryolengware is installed
2017. The extension took weeks, but there are many projects
It doesn’t work and Microsoft is abusing the blockchain
Now in the middle of nature.

It is
It took many years to complete and maintain Microsoft Windows XP
Eventually, they did so in 2017. However, there are still millions of computers
Use XP, part of an important infrastructure
A work environment in which new applications do not work.

whoever it is
Microsoft has chosen to store error information
(CVE-2017-0708) Difficult. This is dangerous (as it is known now).
Flukeep) Lung, which means it can spread between infections
Like WannaCry. Microsoft says it all
Windows is participating in Remote Desktop. Windows 8
Ten of them are completely protected.

Science is easy to choose from
However, Blue Cape has decided to file a code verification request
Security is very dangerous. Microsoft believes now
An earthquake occurred in the forest. By sending the selected month
Desktop Service Providers (RDPs) may run conflicting codes
Computer. It can be used to install malicious software, steal data and even use them
Implement plans and programs.

> A.
Security officials addressed CVE-2019-0708 on May 14, 2019,
Recent public reports suggest that there are at least one million computers
We are still in danger.

Microsoft has always warned that all organized programs should be updated quickly.

Security Response (msftsecresponse) May 31, 2019

In the meantime,
Security experts estimate that there are 10 million Windows
Cookies are not safe online. It can be done
Without the tip of the icing, fans can play a role
Gateway to home network and user interface.

Microsoft Manager responded to this incident
Everyone should update their law with a new pledge. Windows 7 too
New operating systems are updated faster than Windows
XP and Server 2003 Require Software Type [
Many of these programs are self-contained
Get a new update Your bank account is encrypted
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