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British hacker arrested for stealing unpublished music and selling Bitcoin

London police arrested a 19-year-old thief on Friday and accused artists and performers of stealing.
Unrecognized songs are available on their websites and are sold online in the dark for cryptocurrencies.

New York law firms have received several complaints
From a home publication start a new business
Research. The suspect was arrested in Eastern England and
Police have not yet released their identities.

Like cryptocurrencies and
Blockchain technology has many promising features
The pirates are always on the move and the pirates are moving forward
There are several ways to steal digital assets.

They offer fakes, fakes, drug trafficking and other illegal substances. They seem popular with pirates and fraudsters.
New methods and procedures have been adopted to challenge cryptographic security. They are criminals
They target almost any digital device and sell it on the dark website or other hidden websites.

In the case, a 19-year-old boy was arrested in Ipswich, another
cities in England, visitors and artists visiting
Unlimited songs and pictures, Thenarshe then sold to cryptocurrency
London Police Department Report. Rent a report
Steal personal and banking information, but possible
This is the first time hackers have targeted a cryptocurrency music artist.

In a statement from the London Police Department, Nick Court in the Education Department said:

> Today
These steps are important in our study
the person responsible for stealing and selling illegal music
World Wide Web.

The type of error depends on this
Most of the financial losses from those who work are important
create, write, and create music for your fans.

It is not yet clear how the 19-year-old hacked the hackers’ website.

In recent years, songs and albums from many popular artists have come.
Online piracy. Famous British Orchestra in June
Radiohead reports that hackers did not steal Tom’s songs
A York mini-file that threatens to leak from the Internet
150,000 ransom money will not come. Radio head answering
Hacker Demand has released a full set of demos and song titles since 1997.

The most important feature of anonymity is that cryptocurrency is now widely used for illegal activities. Report good
Blockchain security firm Sifertrace has increased its illegal activities in cryptocurrency,
As a result, billions of dollars have been lost.


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