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BuyBest Bubble – Legendary Flint24 CC sellers arrested by FSB for violating gold policy after ‘never following Russia’

darknet BuyBest Bubble - Legendary Flint24 CC sellers arrested by FSB for violating gold policy after 'never following Russia'
Darknet BuyBest Bubble - Legendary Flint24 CC sellers arrested by FSB for violating gold policy after 'never following Russia'

The Russians have left the bank for 25 years. Celebrates Russian Smoke Day: Plans to destabilize the interior.

Russian officials regularly investigate the crime
This is exactly what people do when they engage with foreign visitors
The national population is part of the program
The difficulty is simple.

The business creates a reputable organization
CarderBazar is GoldenShop / BuyBest and other international standards
Doubts, as well as the sale of new tickets
On the Nbsp.

However, the authorities do not care about the criminals facing Russia, especially those protecting Russian banks.

Unfortunately, some families do not receive this message.

On Tuesday, the Russian Federal Security Service, also known as the FSB
Participation in Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs
More than 30 people have been detained in 11 states.
These include Moscow, Crimea and St. St. Petersburg. And the government
Twenty-five of them were charged with selling credit and debit cards
Even in foreign financial institutions.

Authorities arrested the people, including the Russians
Ukrainian and Lithuanian citizens are over 90 in the networks
Sell stolen data and store it as stolen data
Buying and selling products for over a million dollars. the officer said
He was also arrested in search of a residence
Weapons, illegal drugs, gold boxes, expensive coins, money: 1
1 million, 3 million ($ 39,000).

The FSB says one of the former prisoners was convicted of the same act. The person may have been Alexei Stroganov, better known as
Flint 24. A list of the accused defendants was posted on the LiveJournal blog along with trial information. Stroganov was
previously convicted of playing cards in 2006. He was sentenced to six years and released in 2008.

The highest court in Moscow sent Stroganov back into custody.

Russian authorities have not identified the online crime scene market associated with them.

But “at the time of these arrests … the market of a famous block site was marked as ‘animals’ and pictures were cropped,” the
fake couple’s lawyer said. Bebast is known for selling millions of affordable products, many of which are recognized and
integrated into the store.

Jimmy’s spokesman said Bebust also represented Yahoo Bingo and the cybercrime market.

“BuyBest and GoldenShop are mirror markets for sale and resale
Credit card information is from one source and is dangerous
Sometimes they are the same criminal group, says the twin counselor.
– he says. “This means that the hacker ring includes the BuyBest program and its work
Since then, the mirrors have been removed under Russian law

According to Gemini Advisory, BuyBest was first published in 2013
The site earned $ 18 million
Administrators will also earn $ 52 million
A website with information about who stole the card.

“It was found that the The marketplace was selling information about the case, which included a social security number, date of birth, the
victim’s IP address and . Sacrifice to traders like Stover. ”

Carter’s Market Forum

However, BuyBest is available in the conference room.

“Most market announces secret service
The earth is darker than the other. “- Gemini
The officials said. “The farmers market has called for a committee to be formed
CarderBazar has a GoldenShop / BuyBest advertising theme and more
You have been mocked as if you were announcing a new heart
Info. CarderBazar has discovered major projects in unauthorized cyber security
, ”

Flint24 and its large team say they can eliminate websites like and as well as other websites that are
only available on the Internet (ie Tor browser).

Border: Russian Partner Company

Judge Gemini said he had seen it repeatedly in rented premises in Russia
A web chat that prevents the sale of BuyBest marketplace payments
Card issued by a Russian bank. He is not sure what he will do after leaving the office
“Another kidnapping is trying to hurt Russian society.” “If so
so the data comes from over 90 glasses,
able to attract many security agencies. “”

Another possibility is that the opponent goes to the developers. “At some point in the past year, the Russian credit card business
has been a thing of the past,” he said.

Putin called the police

The arrest came when President Vladimir Putin asked the State Department to carry out cyber theft, said Gary Warner, director of
information technology at the University of Alabama. in Birmingham

“We need a strategy, a way to reduce the number of such crimes,” Putin said in an interview with Russia earlier this month.

S. Warner. “What happens when President Putin decides?”
Lawyers should take steps to reduce cybercrime
In Russia. FSB has to arrest the public. ”

Panda pan

The best holdings are at least new
Russian police were not charged with any crime.

A significant incident occurred in 2011. In October, when officials said he was being followed by Dimitri E. Many witnesses, such
as Fedotov, received “previous complaints,” while the security group IB, currently based in Singapore, Fedotov announced which
would become a black hole mining kit. , maker of a criminal business with registration services for $ 500 a month. ; Low battery
capacity; And the Crypt.m malware service.

Recently, the interior minister said
Blackhole cybercrime negotiation 2.7 million fraudulent
For Russian settlements.

Profession: Russia may invade foreign territory
Fishing abroad because the Russian government is not late
People. But all Russians want to blame the Russian mother for her actions
His pain.


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