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BuyBest Bust is the legendary “Flint 24” CC arrested by the FSB for violating the golden rule “Hack Hack Russia does not exist”.

Russia finances 25 for steal bank accounts Russian Internet distributors warn of home security

Russian authorities closely monitor the theft of the branch
If they attack foreigners, they use foreigners
The land laws typically have this function
Crime is expensive

Market leaders have a conference
Buy gold / best and act as a platform to encourage everyone
Start and sell new contact cards without a picture
Info ”

But the authorities do not allow criminals to plot for Russia – and no one is targeting Russian banks.

Some locals do not receive this message.

Today, Tuesday, the Russian Ministry of Defense, called the FSB,
He said there was with the Ministry of Interior
More than 30 people were arrested on 11 counts
Including Moscow, Crimea and St. Petersburg. Petersburg. Peter is a watchman
He accused 25 people of selling twenty-four cards and stealing credit cards.
Russia and even countries funded organizations.

Authorities accused the men, including Russian citizens
In the beginning, I did 900 online translations in Ukrainian and Lithuanian
Theft of information is sold in a store, and the information on the stolen paper is used
Buy and sell products over a million dollars. The judge said
He was arrested to search the defendant’s home
Rifles, drugs, coins, coke and coins: 1
3 million 3 million, 3 million (about 39,000,000)

The FSB said one employee was jailed for similar offenses. It could also be Alexei Stroganov, also known as Flint 24, whose name
was published on the Live Journal website along with several other lawsuits and lawsuits. He said Stoganov was convicted of making
white paper and was sentenced to six years in prison in 2006 and released in 2008.

An ordinary Moscow court upheld Stroganov’s arrest.

Russian government officials have not registered the name of the cybercrime product.

The same thing happened when he got stuck: the black market and mirrors known as BuyBest are offline, the company said. Twin
consultants in a blog post. BuyBest is known to sell millions of dollars in payment records, most of which contain a lot of
information, and GoldenShop partners.

BuyBest has also found Mirror Bingo and Yoho products, which are Gemini criminals

“BuyBest and GoldenShop are bright markets for sale
get a credit card file from the same bank
they are often regulated by criminal law, Gemini Advisory said
he said. “This shows that the website also uses BuyBest
a dream unfulfilled in Russian law
knowledge ”

The Gemini Board said BuyBest was born before 2013, according to estimates
increased revenue around $ 18 million
The CEO, while spending a total of $ 52 million for it. Canada
equipped with online credit card information.

“The marketplace is famous for selling revealing information, which often includes security tokens, birthdays, emails from people and victims

Carder Bazar area

In most cases, Bybest has its own communications system.

Most market Secretly Announces Its Performance
However, in the dark some chose to create their own team, “Gemini
The counselor said. Market leaders recognize what are called regional divisions
CardBazaar is the gold retailer / best buyer at home
With his screen as well as the announcement of the sale of new business cards
The second time. The Card Market also has another network that deals with illegal networks
at least ”

Flint 2 and its basic infrastructure are said to be hot on websites like and dumpsmaniBuyBest, as well as other
websites that can be accessed in the dark – in other words using the Tor browser.

Banned: Russian tickets sold

The Russian Gemini spokesman said
E-fault golf can sell for BuyBest marketplace fees
One made by Russian groups. “Stroganov’s cause is unknown
“We are asking other users of Russian companies,” the minister said.
Thus, the information is presented in some 90 unique details.
Get legal information.

Another member of the team chosen by the team member. Regarding BriansClubs performance in the UK market in the UK, as reported
by competitors who ran Mr. Green marketplace last year, he wrote: “The Russian credit card market has been doing business with the outside

Putin explained the visit

Gary Warner, chief of computer science at the University of Alabama, said this was after President Vladimir Putin ordered the
prime minister to fix the box online. And Birmingham.

“I want an agreement and how I want to reduce these crimes,” Putin told the Russian Duma earlier this month.

Warner said: “I think it’s President Putin
Recently, the chief prosecutor took steps to reduce cybercrime
Russia? The FSB arrested people and went to work. ”


This is an impressive achievement for the smallest things in history
The Russian worker did not say anything about the criminal institution.

A similar incident occurred in October 2013, when police said they had set up a “Punch” incident, which led to the arrest of
27-year-old Dmitry, according to Fedotov. did. IP-based Singapore now announces that Fedotov is the host of the Blackhall series
and is only releasing a venture license for $ 500 a month; Pen for effective use; And the Malware Recovery program.

After a while, he said
It has cost the bad network $ 1.1 million for the scam
Russian bank.

Simplicity: Russians who oppose foreign targets may be ignored
Persecution outside the country because the Russian government does not like him
Person. But the Russian citizens decided to die the Russian mother
They had an accident.


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