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BuyBest Bust – The seller of the legendary copy of “Flint24” was arrested by the FSB after violating the golden rule “never harm the Russians”

darknet BuyBest Bust - The seller of the legendary copy of "Flint24" was arrested by the FSB after violating the golden rule "never harm the Russians"
Darknet BuyBest Bust - The seller of the legendary copy of "Flint24" was arrested by the FSB after violating the golden rule "never harm the Russians"

Russia charges 25 people for selling stolen credit card information Warning to Russian cyber-criminals: shoot concrete stones into
your home with your own hands.

Russian officials don’t often see the Internet.
It’s for citizens, if it’s foreigners – and why.
In the past, such a profession has always been in the legal framework of the country.
It’s hard to blame him.

The market leader will take on this task
Cardbazaar is a gold shop / advertising platform where you can buy everything.
His glasses seem to be trying to advertise the sale of new risk cards.
Read more & Nbsp;

However, the authorities did not allow Russian-led criminals, especially all Russian banks.

Some home agencies did not receive this notification.

A Russian National Security Agency called the FSB said on Tuesday
This was announced jointly with the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs
More than 30 people have been arrested in 11 states in India
Moscow, Crimea and St. Then treat
There are 25 defendants for the sale of credit or debit cards
Financial institutions in Russia and abroad.

Everyone has been charged with an offense, including Russia
Citizens of Ukraine and Lithuania create more than 90 websites
Stores that sell stolen data also use stolen data
Buying and selling assets in excess of one million dollars. According to the editors
They were detained during the investigation of the suspect
Weapons, illicit drugs, gold beds, medals and treasures: $ 1
One million dollars and three million rubles (equivalent to 39 thousand dollars).

According to the FSB, one of the detainees is in prison. Alexei Stroganov, of Flint 24, is a dealer whose name appears on the
magazines website as well as a list of other defendants, as well as a court appearance. The bus was originally charged with
stroganoff, sentenced to six years in prison in 2006 and released in 2008.

The Moscow Supreme Court upheld Stroganov’s arrest.

Russian officials have not said whether the market is a criminal case.

But “when arrested … the best screen has nothing to do with popular internet markets and screens,” Gemini Advisory warned in a
blog post. “By Best is known for selling millions of fixing billing files, of which there is a lot of information,” says Golden

Bible Bingo and Yoko represent the market for online communication

Glass is the best way to buy and sell gold.
Credit cards are available and available from non-origin sources
Most of these activities are carried out by a single criminal group.
Brother said, Then we realized the hacker field was good
Glass is made offline according to Russian law

The best ones were first discovered and reported in 2013, according to expert Jimmy
The profit sector brought in 18 million
52 million for officers and individuals
The site has a train info card.

“EA is known for selling your personal information, including social security numbers, dates, IP addresses and browser users.”

Card Summit

As always, Pipest shared his top quality talk.

Most market notifies the service in a known metro
So dirty web forums are not an option over their forums, the twins said
You come, my doctor. Market leaders met
Gardnerbazar as a gold / animal and retail store for everyone
His glasses and advertising are on sale for new business cards
The data card market includes many services that focus on illegal cyber attacks

Flint 224 and the Big Group run websites such as and and other sites are only available through Darnett
– in other words, using a website like Dor.

Suspension: I’m selling Russian cards

According to the Twins, it is similar to Russia
Rewards will be awarded in case of an E2 transaction computer crime
A card issued by a Russian bank. “I don’t know who he and Stogunio are
“Changing Russian business objectives.” – If the answer is yes
To see more than 90 glasses of data,
Get the attention of law enforcement. ”

He said that forum managers can be impressed by the competitors. “The Russian card market is booming,” said the Bloodmarket Brain
Club, referring to Mr E3’s competitors last year.

Putin blamed the case

The arrest came when Putin Vladimir ordered the Interior Minister to intervene in cybercrime, said Gary Warner, director of
forensic research at the University of Alabama in Birmingham.

I urge the system to take measures to reduce crime, Putin said in a statement to the Russian and Russian authorities earlier
this month.

The essay came into force when it was ordered by President Putin, Warner said.
Attorney General will do something to reduce computer crime
In Russia? The FSB begins to win over the public. “”

Paul is naked

The ban on the Bible was probably something else
The Russian government did not allow political correctness.

The destruction occurred in October 2013, when 27-year-old Dimitri E. was killed. Fedotov special Dmitry e. Push’s arrest was
announced in Fedotov’s report. IB is currently a resident of Singapore. , Fedot has been announced as a manufacturer of raw blocks
and will service the program and subscribe for $ 500 per month; The stupidity of fools; And support for therapy.

This was later announced by the Interior Ministry
The terrorist robbery is over and cost $ 2.1 million
Against the Bank of Russia.

Prevention: The Russians face few threats to mislead foreign gossip
He was tortured abroad because the Russian government had nothing to add
Citizens. But this happens to all Russian men who choose to cheat on Russian women
Their risk.


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