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CA court denies new trial to Antioch man accused of murdering a boy in a gun he bought from Darknet.

A California court appeal dismissed a new lawsuit against an old man surrounding his father who was convicted of killing a
She said she was encouraged by the strict discipline of the victim.

Scott Eastman, 25, was sentenced to 50 years in prison in 2019
He was killed by his father, Riley Eastman. Scott Eastman at the trial
He tried to discuss the murder of his uncle
A woman consists of a lawyer who wants a lawyer
Along the way, father and son.

Prosecutors say Riley Scott Eastman killed Eastman and his father, 44, was beaten for demanding drugs.
Connections are Internet connections that are hidden from the public as part of the Internet only by aggressive clients and are
often used instead of.
Surprisingly, the coup d’tat consisted of buying black wire, which Scott says was used as a crime.

The Court of Appeal examines Scott Eastman’s case on three important issues: the court should not
This includes nude Eastman phone shows that claims to have received negative attention from grandmother and uncle.
During the debate, the prosecutor made a mistake and Jizre should hear the testimony of his cousin Eastman.
Who wants Riley Eastman dead.

In all three cases, the Constitutional Court found cases in which Scott Eastman defended
Three calls were received because they (Eastman) helped the landlord prepare the important phone

In addition, the court ruled that the defendant had witnessed the report.
As reported by Astmanes’ stepmother, I can see some of it
I was afraid not to kill him because they didn’t
Eastman pulls back. The father of the court was murdered.
His children were murdered at night and he himself failed.
Feeling guilty

While investigating the case, police suspect Eastman’s stepmother is guilty.
He committed the crime but still suspected his crime
His parents were never arrested or charged and they did not testify before the prosecutor.
In his first experience, he tried to form a fifth alliance with him.
Quickly, but then they agreed to testify
Exceptions are based on court documents

Eastman is said to be serving a state prison in a high-rise building.


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