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Calvin’s husband confessed to selling fentanyl on the Dark Network

Klobna is accused of being the smartest Pentanyl in the police.
Currently, iron flights are not recognized in Canada.

In August 2017, RCMP Kelowna demolished the Black Mountain and Duke & Princess clothing store in downtown Kelowna.
He completed an 11-month study of drug distribution on the black network.

Two months later, the police unanimously announced that 120 grams of fentanyl or 120 grams of carnil had been seized, and
The drugs are available in Canada, DYE, the Euro and Australia.

Although the police identified fentanyl / carpentanil as the most important activity and probably the best course of action
Revenues reported by Canada in one year were not paid.
While James Selson and Cassie Bonoherx have been the subject of 14 separate lawsuits against several traffickers,
Import and export of rare and illegal products.

Duke of Bonds and Dukachi are clothing stores, but have since closed from them.

Last summer, before Nelson confessed to the February murder last year, Corona doubled the number to six.
Trade and trade in fentanyl by trade in human carfentanil.

Part of the denomination, presumably Crown Prince Nelson, was acquitted on the remaining charges. Payment of Bontrek
He is in court and his next date is May 19th.

Nelson’s two-week trial is expected to begin this week in Keluna Court, but due to a COVID-19 virus test
Suspended. The couple is still in custody, and a new proposal for Nelson is expected on Friday.


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A copy of the D.A.R.E. from Ohio for distributing child pornography on the Internet.