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Canadian Hedgehog operations raise marapital, $ 6 million, drugs and drugs in N.L.

For the first time in Newfoundland and Labrador, police found a printing press in a drug parlor.

The Royal Newfoundland Dictionary held a news conference in St. Petersburg. Petersburg Johns sheds light and proves that he is not
It was held briefly on the Avalon Peninsula.

More than 700 cannabis and 1,000 illegal cigars have been seized.
The total cost of the road exceeds one million, according to the RNC.

Police confiscated $ 00.6 million, six firearms, ammunition and two vehicles.

Tom Warren said the Drug Commission investigated in September 2019 in response to a drug-related uprising.

The researchers believe that there are companies in the country that have large production schedules.
In our society, Warren says

The cooperation of our representatives sends a strong signal that there is nowhere in our society.

Description of the Canadian engagement organization
Three people were arrested and released. Even if there is no payment on Thursday But Warren said the case is still under

Thanks to RCMP members in Newfoundland, Labrador, Nova Scotia and England for nationalizing this format.
Colonel Columbia and local police at Dunkirk Base.

According to Warren, organized crime groups are very complex. They have nothing to do with it
Not just from our continent, but from different parts of Canada.

Warren says there is a risk to drug users in the Los Angeles area because they are less likely to be infected.
Living alternatives such as fentanyl. The press makes 20,000 records an hour, and it looks like it’s already bought
The Dark Network, Warren said.

The RNC did not believe Operation Rhino belonged to other police forces in St. Petersburg. Jeans over
Over the past few weeks, for example, the murder of James Cody on Crimson Avenue or the discovery of fentanyl at his Campbell
Avenue home.


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Found ammunition, rifles, and ammunition, and a purse worth $ 600 in N.L.

The Canadian Rhino Police work captured $ 6 million in the small arms, weapons, and pharmaceutical industries in N.L.