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CardPlanet Rights Guarantee Online Theft in Data Marketplace

Today, a Russian citizen is accused of facilitating a two-page payment.
Card fraud, computer hacking and other crimes.

Deputy Attorney General of the Ministry of Criminal Justice Brian A. Benkovsky, prosecutor g.
Trovilgers in East Virginia and Special Agent M. S. Miller of the US Secret Service
The Washington State Department has issued a statement.

Alexei Burkov, 29, has filed a lawsuit against U.S. Judge Alice District III in the district court over fraud and conspiracy.
Computer theft, identity theft, fraud and access to devices and money laundering. The verdict was announced on May 8.

According to court documents, Burkov managed the website Cardplanet, which was sold with several payment cards (for example, debt
and credit).
Cards) are mostly stolen from computers. Most tickets sold belong to US citizens.
Credit card theft information sold on the Burke website has led to more than $ 20 million in US loan fraud.

He reiterates that this means you have to pay for these processes.
Tools such as personal alert information, viruses and money laundering
Game services. To become a member of the Internet Blogging Forum, prospective members need to strengthen all three existing
Gain a good reputation among online investors and pay $ 5,000 in regular insurance premiums. This is the stage
They were created by Burkov to prevent police from accessing online forums and so voters respect each other.
Agreement in business negotiations.

Burkov was arrested in December 2015 at Ben Gurion Airport in Israel. Two years passed before the change was approved
Israeli court appeals for more than two years
Supreme Court and Supreme Court of Israel.

Finally, on November 11, 2019, Burkhov was deported from Israel to the United States, with the exception of US prosecutors.

The verdict is on May 8, 2020.


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