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ChemsTo’s dream of having a Fentanyl dealer is a bad time

darknet ChemsTo's dream of having a Fentanyl dealer is a bad time
Darknet ChemsTo's dream of having a Fentanyl dealer is a bad time

Updated July 27, 2019

The full US report:

Jeffrey S. Berman, New York lawyer, said Richard Castro de Chams, / K / A,
A / K / A Chams_USA, K / A Chemical_USA, / K / A Jagsir 109 pleaded guilty today to money laundering and related crimes.
There is also a plan for separating analogs, phenol, phenol and phenol into a black alpha network and 0 in two blocks. Fidel
Castro pleads for more than $ 4 million, Fidel pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court. the continent of America
Dennis L. Cte.

Manhattan United States Attorney Jeffrey S. Berman agrees
Today, Castro has been using the distribution network around the world for many years.
High doses of opioids, and fentanyl
Carfentanil Castro thinks it is no secret
Use chems_usa and online therapy for cheating
Dry. Thanks to our law enforcement partner, Chames_USA
Currently in US custody.

According to accusations from Richard
Castro complies with the civil court’s request and the court’s statement:

CASTRO was written from November 2015 to March 2019
Corvetinil, Fentanyl, and Vinyl Fantanel (Fantanel Analog).
Fentanyl is one of the most powerful synthetic drugs.
Heroin and quarantine are 100 times the equivalent of methamphetamine
Stronger time than fentanyl. Castro’s most cooperative
Other friends spread drugs on vague phishing websites
Chemistry, Celsius and Chemistry. Castro is the operator
Internet supporter and conspiratorial leader. In a dark place
Great to do network marketing, Dream Market, CASTRO and more
The dark web market includes more than 3,200 jobs.
Bits 1800 Alpha. The commission includes buyer responses
Royal carpet and carpentry are both very strong and secure
Good synthesis, keep up the great work.

In June 2018, Castro announced the use of this semi-conductor engine.
The buyer shifted your business from the dark web market
An email request comes only from encrypted emails.
To find an email address on the market, Chems_usa must be prepared
Customers pay a fee. They show that the police are paying
Payment is provided by encrypted email address and placed on order
Casa r. Castro co-defender Luis Fernandez was distributing the drug
In the name of the coup, including New York City.

Castro buyers pay for bitcoin. Castro Washington
Drugs take many forms, including millions born.
With the purchase of two bitcoins and about US $ 100
Zimbabwe is worth four million euros.

Based on the recommendations of his petition, Castro agreed
$ 4,156,198.18, including cash or cash in 7 different ways
Bitcoin wallet.

* *

36-year-old Richard Castro of Windermere, Florida sentenced to one
Related to temporal and temporal purpose
Carfentanil, phenylfentanyl,
Fentanyl, minimum 10-year sentence
Imprisonment and trial and accounting
Cleaning by imprisonment for up to 20 years. Al
The above constitution was approved and published by parliament
Here only information, in order
The judge convicted the defendant. A sentence is fixed
14:30, October 25, 2019, before the crib judge.

Mr. Berman praised the U.S. Department of Defense.
New York Police follow-up
The search is incredible. Father Birman is always grateful
IRS and Central Florida Police
Office for your help in this regard.

Chemicals solve this problem
U.S. Ambassador Michael D. Nef, in Lynn R. Flood i
Ryan B. Finkel is responsible for investigating the case.


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btw, not very active for samsar. Is it that? Does anyone know how I can get bottles from other markets?


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Does anyone know where I can find Classifacio sellers in other markets?





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