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ChemsUsa, a subsidiary of Fentanyl Metro, won the case

darknet ChemsUsa, a subsidiary of Fentanyl Metro, won the case
Darknet ChemsUsa, a subsidiary of Fentanyl Metro, won the case

Updated on July 27, 2019.

Detailed description:

Chemsus’ Richard Castro said: Federal Attorney Berman Berman, Southern District of New York
a/k/a Chems_usa, a/k/a Chemical_usa, a/k/a Jagger109, complain about money laundering and participation today
The hostile Blacklister distributes carfentanil, fentanyl, and fentanyl analogues, including AlphaBay and Dream
Market, on the Black
Dennis L. Cat

Jeffrey S. Berman, US lawyer from Manhattan: when he woke up
A few years ago, Richard Castro used a dark website to spread the word
Fentanyl and high-energy fruit juice
My beloved Castro decides to hide the same identity.
Chems_us etc. Use Kana On The Internet To Treat Drugs As
Drug addiction. I thank my colleagues. Chems_usa did just that.
He is currently in jail in the US

Richard doesn’t complain
Castro apologized, sued, and arrested in court:

Castro agreed to sell from November 2015 to March 2019
Carpenter, fentanyl and phenyl fentanyl (equivalent to fentanyl).
Fentanyl, an opioid producer, much stronger than this
Heroin and carpenter are about a hundred fentanyl-like
It is stronger than Fentanil. Castro and for your convenience
Supporters trade the product with Monikers in Dark Network
Chemistry, chemistry and chemistry. This is Castro’s user
This is the webmaster and community leader. In the dark
Internet marketer Dream Market is proud that Castro has done so much
More than 3,200 in some black markets
In the letter, customers 1, 1, customers,
It is very strong and stops you
Confronts surprises with the best arts.

In June 2018, Castro Chamsosa repeated his trial through Monica
This prevents black websites and customers
Medical purchase requests can be received via registered mail.
Chimus_ confirmation is required to set a beverage market address
Customers have to pay. Provided by an employee who hid the cases
Accept payments, emails and offers
Castro. Castro’s general adviser, Luis Fernandez continued treatment
Because of the plot, including New York.

Castro’s customers paid through Bitcoin. Castro killed
Treatment travels to millions and millions of dollars
Bitcoin rose to about a hundred dollars
Among other things, the memory of Zimbabwe Square is important.

Castro agreed to return the goods, according to the terms of the meeting
4,156,198.18 including four dividends as a cash dividend
Address of Bitcoin wallet.


Richard Castro, 36, of Windermere, Florida, pleaded guilty to one indictment.
Expand and strive to reach the goal
Carpentinil, Phenyl and Phenyl are the three controlled substances
Fentanyl was sentenced to 10 years in prison
Arrest and imprisonment go beyond that
The distributor was sentenced to 20 years in prison. in other words
The final decision must be made and approved by the agents
For this information and for each sentence
The suspect must decide the accused judge
October 25, 2019 at 2:30 pm. For the judges.

United States of America. The Federal Bureau of Investigation applauded Burma
After the investigation and the New York Police Department
His research is excellent. Burman thanks him again
Internal Revenue Service and Police Department of Orange County, Florida
Offices to help them.

Administered by the Department of Veterinary Medicine.
Michael D, American Assistant. Nef’s attorney, Alan R. Federer
The project leader is Ryan B. Funkel.


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