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Chicago police have found two suspects in connection with a $ 1 million robbery

The couple used stolen financial information to sell technology items, including pickup trucks, tractors and machinery.

Two suspects, Homer Glenn, are believed to have seized more than $ 1 million in identity theft, including a high-profile sale.
Including harvesters, tractors and machinery.

Jamell McBride and Brendan Butler have been accused of stealing financial information for two years of online shopping once
The Forest Lake Police Department said on the train it sold the product on the online platform.

The investigation was announced in June 2018, when Lake Skog residents reported identity theft, police said.

The research includes the United States. The secret service, created by the DEA and Chicago police, later focused on a 32-year-old
EO Butler, 22.

At her Hummer Glen home, police are accused of stealing many things with fraudulent ID and a credit card. Two police officers were
also deployed
They stole firearms, firefighting items, cars, computers, cell phones, leather goods and other lost property.
Police say the house is private.

Police believe Mabeth stole the thieves and gave information to the network. He had many things and many things
Driver’s license and sales license number after receiving a fake credit card and an illegal vehicle.

The police department said in a statement that the experiment was the largest in the forest.

McBride has been charged with criminal weapon abuse, theft of personal information and criminal misconduct.
Under current accounts, Mr. McBride was ordered to rely on 2,000 bonds.

McBride was convicted in 2011 and faces up to three years in a federal state for identity theft and bank fraud.

The mayor has been charged with criminal mischief, personal theft and several other criminal offenses
You don’t have to keep $ 75,000 safe for a fake credit card.

Both men will return to the district court on June 25.


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