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China blames China for Didos’ attack on HK protests

darknet China blames China for Didos' attack on HK protests
Darknet China blames China for Didos' attack on HK protests

Updated July 18, 2019

The Telegram points to a group of Chinese oppressors
Allocate calls after server battles (DDoS)
Voters were shocked when there was a protest in Hong Kong.

In the event of a strong DDoS attack, telegram users are ready
Some users in the United States and other countries may encounter this
Communication problems, messaging services are twitter [
June 12, 16:20 1 hour or more, 17:15.
Telegram announces an update to the post on Twitter
It is stable for at least some time.

Telegram users are asking if Telegram can identify false sources of traffic for DOS, said Telegram Vice President Pavel Durov.
[I use my Twitter account, but I have problems with my IP address
Mainly in China.

Hong Kong Autonomous Region
The investigation came after an investigation into the law in March last year
This will facilitate the return of suspected criminals to Hong Kong
Congregate to China and other parts on Fridays. open)
The law sees a kind of coercion against the authoritarian regime on Friday.
Area control

Protesters are often told that such actions are considered telegrams.
Their efforts are far from government oversight
DDoS attackers prevent them from accessing devices like this.

Historically, all of the DDoS states (the loss of 200,400 gigabytes per second) we’ve experienced in the past have been met with
protests in Hong Kong.
(Coordinated by Telegram). There has been no such abuse. ”

Paul Pauloffoff, a data consultant, says Paul Durov is not crazy because he thinks the Chinese government is targeting Telegram.
Advocacy They will not be the first weapons of mass destruction
DDoS Attack sites have been added to GitHub 2015, which experts see as a target and react violently to these attacks.
Content includes content or links to prohibited content.

According to Bischoff, Telegram employees do not have access to the service
In some countries, you must use VPN to connect to different countries
Connect to a telegram from an empty server
VPN enables you to use your phone and computer
China where research is done.

This attack is a tool for cyber government
Preventing traffic jams, says Ski Skilt Coach
Barbic Business School. However, this is not a unique procedure
Attacks on ISP and NSP Internets are everywhere
The person providing it. Communication confidentiality does not include any guarantee
Facing a system of fluid traffic and volume.

New technologies are needed to prevent this type of attack
The enemy in front of the net is impossible
If the Chinese government has control and access to the network
Another Talisman network is possible today
Otherwise. But I don’t think that would be the perfect ending
The attacker is an ordinary skeleton that has been examined and analyzed.
Cyber security, but we don’t quite know about it
When an Internet attacker does a complete network attack
Some complications are used to detect telegram users
work. This is an example of a fast delivery server
A task that serves as a struggle for a specific purpose.


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