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Consumers have been accused of stealing data online

Russia has accused Russia of setting up two payment centers.
Business cards, computers and other crimes.

Brian A. Bentskovsky, Terni Assistant Attorney, Crime, Law, Attorney. Zak acya Mr.
It worked. Turville, East Virginia and Matthew Miller, Ambassador. Privacy Service
Visit the Washington Square office.

Alexei Burkov, 38, has not filed a court case in the United States. The T.S. Discover tools and techniques in Alice III
Computer connection, right, theft and place, wasting money. The case began on May 8
2020. Laos.

According to court documents, Burkov created a website called CardPlanet and sold credit cards (such as debit, bank and credit
Card) is usually stolen with the computer. Most of the cards for sale are Native American.
Burkoz stole 200 million pieces of stolen credit card information on the web. The US dollar has destroyed the US dollar.

In addition, Berkov kept the party invited, as the elite could spread the thief.
For example, abuse and services such as savings
All three arrived to brief members of the Bercoffs Cybercrime Association
Cybercriminals usually give names that cost up to $ 5,000. These are actions
Board members respect sponsors and follow the law to ensure access to the Berkoffs Cybercrime Association
This job is called running a business in the industry.

Berkov was arrested in December 2015 at Ben-Gurion International Airport in Israel. The demand for the sale was confirmed two
years ago
Israeli courts have been awaiting trial for two years
Israeli Supreme Court: Supreme Court.

After all, American lawyers are deprived of their rights. Berkoff boarded a plane from Israel to the United States on November
11, 2019.

The event is scheduled for May 8, 2020.


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