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Details of how the FBI helped European authorities arrest a man who wanted to buy polonium 210 in the Berlusconi market

darknet Details of how the FBI helped European authorities arrest a man who wanted to buy polonium 210 in the Berlusconi market
Darknet Details of how the FBI helped European authorities arrest a man who wanted to buy polonium 210 in the Berlusconi market

Electric fire extinguishers, also called transformers, are often used in vehicles.
The bomb is a product that is said to be owned by an American businessman
The Black Website was created by Jomik Calley.

This is clear from Chief George Cremon’s comments.
Earlier this week, as Calica had already been tested
Donatella Masters, Frendo Dimich.

Cremona gave the court details about the tragedy in June and June. schedule
August 10 and 29, 2019, several months before Kali’s arrest.
Waiting years for illegal export of explosives.

On June 10, 2019, he was warned by the foreign police
Unknown security services bought by Polonon
210, resin and dark valve.

A one-year consultation was held between June 1 and
The order of the colleges was one person, 16 cm tall
Item 155 cm-55-550 kg This material is shown as follows
The buyer uses 893 anonymous names
You were invited to drink 2F108X2 or Foxotrot 108XRAY
Polonium 210 is important.

Use Monicar 2F100X on the dark side
Berlusconi, the prosecutor where the items were to be delivered
Because he was forced to hide in small bags
Bluetooth speakers, for example, avoid exposure to radiation

Eventually the seller and the seller were allowed to leave the house
PGP (Private Communication) takes its form
Only company codes for customer reviews.

Polonium 210 is a wireless radio
Physical but dangerous in your work
The same radiation was used to kill the Russian invaders
And the 200 Alexander Litivineko, the first representative of FLB.

The seller also said that no one would pay for Polonium 210
Cremona adds, because it eliminates almost everything
The buyer tells the seller that it can lead to lungs
Two weeks.

They have been neighbors for a few weeks now
He confirms that sis is delicious and should not be seen properly. and
The seller asked about the height and weight of the victims
They say they will calculate the remaining dose.

During the second business exchange from 10 to 24 June 2019.
The client says you still need five doses, but you definitely need them
The seller also responded that five alpha people had died
Toxic sunscreen can be as scary as it looks
Only one message is sent. Each dose is $ 500.
We can pay a deposit for a double shop, he said
It is published and they ask you every week to prepare polonium 210 for your work area.

The e-mail providers involved were discussed
Before the client publishes a secure e-mail address
[email protected]: Business sends a password to Marie Curie
In addition, the Polish pioneer was used in radio research
Show the relationship between the two.

Camuna first told the court that the customer had used the alpha code and apologized.

Therefore, the buyer requests the recipient information for Malta
Calculating the number of openings and prints customers also request to place the poison in the food
Or drink the victim for two weeks. A.
Insist on the beauty of 210 ingredients.

Problems from the UK
Kallea says so
Ship from the EU and ask if it’s a good idea to send it?
In the hands of the British. This is not the case with the seller
The easier the easier, the better.

Through ProtonMail, Calleha reminds her friends in the UK
Those who come in the future can be good businessmen, pie and sellers
With dust. The buyer noted that he was trying to buy
Many people do it once and say it is not the enemy.

British establishments in Essex and AC.
Maintenance of EUF Group Limited. Based on Roger Tubman, Essex. Finally the price
The exchange rate is 0.444444454588 bitcoin and you can get 0.002046 BTC (8358..28).
(16.49) is displayed.

New customer explains terms of mail Carlton Proton
He said he sees good news from consumers
A special note is required to prevent compliance (recommended)
For example, at LEA suppliers) there are concerns.

He was released from the United States. Give another explanation for the value, unless you want to send it all.

The seller also stated that the Glox also had a rifle, a pistol and a C4
Participants sell. He bought the C4 for $ 770,000
Guaranteed, but you can buy two
Remember, it’s 0000. He said that a boat would cost $ 100.

Then, by email, the seller will give you detailed instructions on how
Safe installation of explosives and mercury in C4. Following
When the target is a car, the buyer is told it is the best
How to drive a target car using a large magnet.

Free central policy
The package is sealed in Malta.
A former British security inspector, buyer and seller has been robbed
He exchanged angry words and blamed the seller.
Copy (you’re a pig) and seller
He accused her of trying to pay the price. If they are things
This is what happened in the UK.
He wrote

Berker replied that he was not sure if the seller trusted him.
Him, but he had people everywhere and tried to find them.
Headphone control kit

The Kremlin leader will lead many friends.
To view explosive materials from the Arizona Air Force.
Shown with C4, 9V, Power, and Mercury batteries.
C4 was removed from the explosives
Later, experts discovered that it was an explosive product. He introduced her
A court that has 34 photos of all the proceedings.

You can install it without the appropriate Bluetooth headphones
It exploded, mounted surveillance equipment inside the building and headed toward the road

IP address of the person associated with FedEx
You will need a service to find the package number later
Malta is official

The package is filled with explosives shipped to Malta for control.

Roger Tabun into a genome.
Matthew Callega should be a quick attachment
The beneficiary denied the allegations made to the police
Everyone who works inside knows about the police.

Matthew Borg was later arrested and the employer was arrested.
He found out about Jomik
Kaleja The company is different from its original employees.
The weapons were confiscated and supported by the police, so the Borg were detained.

Kal was arrested in front of the McDonald’s store in Birkirk
You just want to use a passing car. Drug suspects were found and
The police confiscated several electronic devices. Here it is
With dismissal and experience in the United States.

August 29, 2019 after being released on bail by the police.
Jomik Kalley wrote to the buyer to complain
Good to go.

Police determined that the investigation is ongoing.
Knowledge of their equipment endurance.
The problem continues.


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Tie him to Judy. He was deceived and kidnapped two days ago. Please check with confidence.





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