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Detective code was arrested in California due to identity theft purchased online.

After a four-month search for theft, the man was arrested Friday at his home in southeast Fresno.

Authorities found a false identity, at least two stolen cars, a computer, a computer, a stolen credit card and a driver’s
Fresno County Commissioner Tony Butty said, “That’s when they raided their house on Kerkhaf Street, near Touleri and Chestnut

Butt says they should try to understand the content. He says it’s true
At least hundreds of victims have raised several thousand dollars.

The cars available on Friday are 10,000 for the Dodge Challenger and $ 800,000 for the Mustang. Butte Dr.

According to authorities, 25-year-old Hoover Alford has created an ID card for many families using identity theft and images he
saw in the dark.
Internet. Sir. Bauty is charged with theft, car theft, criminal history and theft.

The Ministers found Alford, Mr. He was arrested in 2013 for stealing his ID.

The organization was run by Fresnensky Heat Centers (End The Auto Theft) of various organizations.

The man was arrested at home on Friday. Jose Martinez from Fresno is 30 years old and is also listed as a text.
Refundable cash. Mr Beauty said he should have some problems.


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